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Saturday, February 23, 2013

special Simple

Wow, its already February and its felt like its been ages since I last opened my every so faithful Windows Live Writer to type another blog entry. I guess it be good to update about something that’s actually happened to me instead of a ‘thought’ thing.

This weekend I’m back in KL for a special reason and its because its my fathers birthday! That’s one of the good things about living and working not too far from my parents so I can still make it for those important moments. Honestly, its been a while since I’ve been back so it was pretty nice to come back for an occasion.

That said, what we had certainly wasn’t the most grand celebration. In fact, even some of the simple things we wanted to do had to be called off.

It just so happened that my father had to go into office today (today’s his birthday), so that cut out our initial idea of a birthday lunch. Dinner at somewhere special got ruled out too when we found out he had stomach problems in the afternoon. On top of that, my mum was just recovering from being sick so we weren’t exactly 100% up for anything but we still wanted to make an effort.

Being at One Utama searching for a present while my father was in office, I couldn’t really come up with something, so in the end I decided to treat my mum and dad to an IMAX movie at the newly renovated TGV. I got three tickets for the 8.30 show, so that was set.

My mum finally got to choosing a card, while I chose to be no help at all when she was caught in a dilemma, “Aih, faster choose yourself la.”

The birthday cake was a simple choice. A short trip down to Delicious later, and we came away with a slab of brownie just enough for two persons. They even gave us the ice-cream so we had to go back home immediately and put it in the fridge.

After my dad came back rested, we went for dinner at One Utama, where we had to eat at Porridge Time of all places since my dad’s stomach wasn’t fully well. The food wasn’t bad at all though, so that was a plus.

After about an hour of walking around, we finally entered the cinema for our first IMAX exprience, which is basically just a really big screen, hahahah. I think the movie I chose couldn’t have been better at the time for an IMAX screening.


After the movie, we came home, took out the cake, sang the song, he blew the candle and we shared one piece of cake.

Birthday Brownie

For anyone reading this, I’m sure it doesn’t sound like much and it isn’t. The thing is though, despite the ‘normal-ness’ of it all, it was still good. At the end of it, it doesn’t matter so much about the extraordinary or un-mainstream birthday celebrations and gifts, its about being there for the people you love because that’s what counts.

Card Bear