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Friday, October 12, 2012

cinema Return

So, I’ve finally decided to put an end to my movie-less streak with what’s probably a simple animated production.

Hotel Transylvania movie ticket
Hotel Transylvania

At first, I thought about having a go at Judge Dredd, Universal Soldier or better yet, Taken 2. There’s Looper too, but I’m waiting on someone for that. Taken 2 really got me interested because the first film really caught my attention because of the thriller elements, and maybe because it was the first time I saw how a well-to-do teenage girl from a developed country could be abducted and turned into a sex slave halfway around the world. I guess it shocked me how real human trafficking is in some ways, that it still exists in our ‘civilised’ world. That’s beside the point really, but I’m just explaining why I liked the first one.

I wanted something of a lighter tone, and well there’s nothing around that suits the bill right now except for the one animation that’s on. While I’ve never really been on for animated monsters (this includes the very adored Monsters Inc. although I thought it was alright), I loved watching the Adams Family cartoon as a kid. This is probably nothing in comparison of course but its not like I’m expecting that anyway.

Writing all this now, I’m thinking someone really needs to put an Adams Family movie out there, and while we’re at it why not make a live-action Flinstones movie (which has been done before and it was totally fun, adorable even). Better yet, why not the Jetsons! Nobody’s ever done a film on the Jetsons right? If the same team that worked on the Incredibles made a Jetsons film, I think it’d be pure gold. I mean for crying out loud, these are the real Cartoon Network classics!

While those won’t be seen for quite a while yet, there are some I want to catch that’ll be released before the year end.

The first one:

Skyfall UK Poster

I’ve been waiting for this ever since Quantum of Solace, that’s like FOUR YEARS AGO! I absolutely loved it when the Bond franchise was rebooted with Daniel Craig as the new 007 for Casino Royale. I felt he did it really well and put a deeper character on James Bond than previously seen before. The new Bond character has built itself up a bit from the last two films and I really hope that Skyfall will link somewhat with the ending of Quantum of Solace, but even if it doesn’t, that’s fine. I hope the next few Bond movies will release in shorter periods. We shouldn’t have to wait for Bond movies like the world does for the World Cup to arrive.

Other than that, there’re one or two more that I might be interested in. Steampunk concepts have always fascinated me, and I guess that may have to do with watching friends play Final Fantasy, not to mention the Advent Children movie where the graphics and story were absolutely top notch. That’s why I I’ll give War of the Worlds Goliath a chance, even though the characters are all in 2D. The trailer doesn’t seem like much, but it reminded me a bit of Valkyria Chronicles and Macross Frontier graphics-wise, and I liked both, so I think it’ll be worth watching.

Finally, there’s a movie that Pixar’s probably behind which looks to be absolutely fantastic. I won’t say much about it, I think the trailer does it enough justice:

Wreck-It Ralph

This is probably the better animation movie I’ve been waiting to see all year. It says ‘Disney’, but from watching the trailer, I think everybody knows its the Pixar team behind it. Pixar = win

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

i Wish

There are so many things I could wish for right now, especially if you told me that money wouldn't be an issue. Last night, I was asked what my three wishes would be and I could barely think of one. Now, I've sort of remembered a lot of things I've put on the backburner because I know they won't happen. Let's run through the list of what are mostly impossibles, I would love to have any of these:

  1. Microsoft Surface
    Judging by the prices of Windows 8 tablets to be released by other OEMs, this thing will probably launch at at least RM 2,000. Guess we'll see come 26th October. Either way, I can't bring myself to fork that much for a tablet, I might as well buy a high powered desktop.

  2. Compact external hard disk (2 TB with USB 3.0)
    I've been waiting for this to come out for almost two years already. Judging by how slow technology is advancing in this area, probably won't happen at an affordable price for another two years.

  3. Nokia Lumia 920
    The Windows Phone 8 device releasing before end of the year, wouldn't mind getting a Nokia for my first touch screen phone. Although I'm pretty content not using a smartphone. Still, it'd be better than always carrying a digitial camera around. Love the idea of turn-by-turn navigation with Nokia OVI maps without having to be online. A camera that's been proven to beat the iPhone in low light conditions doesn't hurt either, hahah.

  4. iPod Classic / iPod Touch
    Even in the early 2000's when the iPod classic came out, I was always jealous of the huge storage space and compactness, the all round solid device Khye Shin carried around. Until today, even the latest devices can't hold its own against the legacy product. Of course, there's always the iPod Touch, an iPhone that can't call or text. Nice to have definitely, but I'm fine without.

  5. Skate shoes / sneakers
    At 16 (or somewhere around there), I think I got what was probably one of the best presents, a pair of Adidas skate shoes that I totally loved all the way, even when it got worn out (I was sooooo sad then). I still liked that design the best and it hasn't appeared back on the shelves ever since. The same goes for my black Vans skate shoes with the awesome thick green laces that unfortunately got ruined during a caving thing. Scouting around, I haven't found anything I'd love and I'm always frowning at the prices of anything I remotely come to like.

  6. Fujigen (FGN) Les Paul + ZT Lunchbox Amp + Distortion Pedal
    I remember telling a friend last year I was thinking about getting an electric guitar and if I was going to get something, I would buy something that I'd change again in the future. We all know how musicians trade up over time, I'm not interested in doing that at my age. Felix found the best fit for me, but again, just wayyyy too much money. Even if I had the cash, I'd feel guilty just spending it, hahahaha!

  7. Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) + Tom De Longe (Blink 182) + Adam Lazzara (Taking Back Sunday) Voice and Vocal Range
    Okay, this is a lot more ridiculous than the rest. Being able to play and sing songs from my favourite bands would probably leave me in ecstasy, hahahahaha! Its so so so so sad when you just can't reach the high notes from your favourite songs, I'm sure a lot of people know what I mean. Oh and it also means I'd love to be able to be as horrible as Tom from Blink 182 at singing yet sound so good, ahahahahahah.

  8. HALO 4, HALO Reach, HALO 3: ODST, HALO Combat Evolved Anniversary, Medal of Honour Warfighter, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, F1 Race Stars, Kinect Sports 2, Dance Central 2 for Xbox 360
    Some of these games aren't even out yet, but will be by the end of the year. If I calcualte buying each game at a price of RM 150, that's RM 1,200, crazy, hahahah! That'll take care of both my personal gaming needs and entertaining friends.

  9. Complete HALO novel series.
    I think the point above explains this one.

  10. Next Generation Xbox
    We all know it's coming out in a year or two, same goes for the Playstation. At that time, we'll be having blu-ray discs for xbox and probably a lot better Kinect games, plus a better Kinect camera. Still, am quite content with mine, hehe.

  11. Shopping Tour
    I know it sounds a little girly, and it is. I don't care where in the world I'd have to go, just somewhere I can get some awesome tees, my favourite band tees too. Writing about it, I should probably get some chequered tops too. Bandung might be a start.

  12. Lifetime supply of Tiramisu & Ice-Cream
    I don't really have to explain this do I?

  13. Machinima Video
    You've just got to love all those epic Machinima HALO battle videos on YouTube, it'd be so cool to do my own, but then I'd have to have Xbox live, have hundreds of players available to coordinate and make a video, lol.

  14. Teleport.
    How many times have all of us wished to wake up 5 minutes before work/school and get there on the dot?

  15. Compact camera of DLSR quality.
    Every human wants this, whether we say so or not. A small camera with great zoom. Of course, such things do not exist (unless you have too much money to give away).

  16. 55’ or 85’ OLED Television
    Would love the 55 incher to play DVDs and perhaps videos from my laptop that aren’t quite 1080p. And 85 incher would be lovely, especially if I can get four guys to get on a shooter game at the same time, heheheh.

  17. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
    Not talking about those things people pair with their phones. I’m referring to the stuff you pair up with your mp3 player, computer, tv or gaming console. I am so tired of wired headphones eventually ending up with one ear eventually spoiling and ruining the entire thing. Plus, no wires/cables are always a good thing. Would love a quality pair from a brand like Senheiser or Sony.

  18. Lightsabre (Green)
    Always had a thing for Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and maybe Princess Leia? LOL!

  19. Princess Leia.
    I’m very tired.

  20. Potato Chip Making Machine
    If a consumer version of this were ever to exist and I had an endless supply of the necessary raw materials, it would be the end of me.

Now, that’s a long list and at the end of today, I didn’t get any of them. It didn’t matter, because even though I didn’t get any of those things, I got exactly what I needed from the people that I care about. A text I got at about seven this morning put it just right, ‘… birthday needs no fabulous gifts, a simple and sincere birthday wish is enough to warm your heart...’

Today’s been pretty uneventful, but I’ve found myself quite content with what I’ve got and I think that’s good enough. Thanks for all the love. That’s what I really wished for.