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Thursday, July 26, 2012

favourite Weekend

About a month ago, a friend asked me to play a couple of songs with her band for Cafe Nite, an unplugged music event and I was pretty psyched for it since the last time I performed for this kind of thing was a very very long time ago. 

Our band was put together in a short time, and we only had two practices! One was the weekend before and that was without our drummer, with the other being on the day itself. That combined with the fact we had to change songs and add new ones to our set wasn’t easy but everybody in the band’s pretty awesome so we still got it together in spite of the last minute changes and whatnot. 

Being fortunate that particular Friday was a day off for me, I was the very first to arrive at the venue, calming my nerves a little by doing a little self practice and helping out here and there. Somehow, getting nervous on show day is constant to me, regardless of how many times I’ve performed or practiced. It didn’t help that there were only three performances on the schedule, even if ours was the last one. 

From the start right up until our slot, I was at the back of the hall with my eyes fixed on the stage. Someone saw me at the back and said, “Don’t be so tense bro, relax, just do only.”

Still, I couldn’t help it and I was fixed in my tense outlook. A few people asked me to join their table and enjoy the meal but I wasn’t in eating mode, plus my voice had been drying up the whole day so I’d been drinking water incessantly almost every five minutes to save my throat. Those who were helping out were way more relaxed even though they had to deal with the massive numbers of people coming in. They even asked me why I wasn’t eating. I was just too nervous to do anything else but wait for my turn. There was that unfounded paranoia of being late on to the stage because i would be eating or serving or whatever. 

The funny thing is, once you get on stage, strum a few chords and maybe say a few words, nervousness isn’t a factor anymore, just whatever that’s in your brain telling you what to do to make it work. That’s what happened to me and I think our band did just as well as I hoped we would. The first song was upbeat, a little pop punk-ish to say the least and I think it got the crowd going, since everything up until then was the slower stuff. 

Introducing the last two songs I picked out, I didn’t plan what I was going to say although I thought about doing that. It was nice just being spontaneous even if not perfect, I guess it made things more authentic in that sense and I think I just enjoyed performing then.Playing Shadow Proves the Sunshine was sort of going back to the future, albeit with a girl also on the vocals which made things a little more special and of course Hearts United’s always been my favourite out of anything I’ve written so far so it was nice to play that too. 

I have to say it was flattering to have a couple of people come up to me and complement our performance, especially from those I don’t really talk to often. As it is, I felt good about our set, so it was even better when people came up to tell us they liked it. But more than that, although I didn’t talk about it much, the whole event went pretty well, food was good (at least it looked so to me, remember I didn’t eat the whole time, hahahah) and I think everyone had a good time.

Very spontaneously, to pat ourselves on the back for a great Friday night, we (without our drummer again unfortunately) went to see The Dark Knight Rises the next day, which in retrospect, is slightly odd, seeing how serious the movie is. That aside, two hours and forty five minutes of Batman, Bane and a slightly twist ending was well worth the money spent on it. 

Well, after that was a visit to our drummer’s place, although I’d only see him for probably less than 5 minutes. It was a cosy place, very homely and of course that’s due to the very nice people that live there. That and a late evening meal with my hosts was just about the best way to wind down the evening before going in for music team practice for church service on Sunday.

Sunday itself was pretty nice, thought the worship went well, and I enjoyed myself, which I thought I would struggle to do based on practice the night before but it all worked out, thank God for that. Badminton had a good turnout and got my weekly dose of Brian entertainment even if he wasn’t in the best of moods then.

All in all, a very nice weekend, probably among the best I’ve had this year, and that’s saying a lot, now that we’re seven months into 2012. That’s all thanks to some very nice people around me, I couldn’t have asked for more. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t even have imagined my whole weekend to pan out that nicely. God is good, surely.