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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

song Writing

I think ever since I picked up the guitar in high school, or even before then, I’d daydream a lot about playing in a punk rock band in front of the whole school. I never got to do that, although I finally did when I got into university. The second thing I’d think about would be writing my own songs, something I could call my own. It’s always nice to cover your favourite song, but when you sing your own, its a whole different thing.

I still remember my first attempt. I had no idea what I was doing, randomly trying to sing out lyrics that would sound kind of good and then figure out what chords fit with them. Khye Shin came along and helped me with it. I think it was his first time too if I’m not mistaken, so the first song either of us wrote would be together.

Sadly, right now, I don’t even have a recording of it, let alone the lyrics or the chords although I remember it was a really low key and rather minor-ish. After that, I wouldn’t write again for a long time because I was probably busy fulfilling my teenage duties of schooling and playing computer games when I shouldn’t, hahahahaha!

It was a really long period between my first and second song writing endeavour, because the next try was after I got into university. I was still in secondary school the first time.

Thinking back, it was very impromptu, because I hadn’t made a conscious effort to write another song. I saw something on our cell’s blog that got me thinking, and I just thought it’d be really cool if I wrote a song about it and so I did.

The amazing thing was that, from the moment I started, lyrics just came and it all fit together pretty well (at least I think so, hahaha). From the verse, to the chorus, to the bridge, it all came so naturally, the chords, everything! And no, I did not require any substance abuse methods to make it work, hahah.

This was the result, the debut of the song I wrote for the guys and gals in Hearts United:

Hearts United – the debut in 2008

By the way, pardon the long hair, hahahaha! Like I said, I always imagined being in punk rock, so I played it, tried to look like it too. I wouldn’t mind going back to that, but there are many reasons not too, which is besides the point of everything else I’m writing anyhow.

Honestly, right up until today, it still is the favourite out of any of the songs I’ve written. It’s not that I have written a lot, if you ask me to play everything I’ve written, I can only remember three out of probably four or five.

The last one I wrote was probably last year, very punk-ish I’d say. I love that song too, but it still can’t beat my all time favourite that was written way before. I think I should take another crack at it, maybe there’s something even better waiting to be unearthed. Who knows eh?