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Saturday, December 08, 2012

halo Assassins

Although planned slightly, it was still so random. I didn’t know the exact release date, but it couldn’t have been better. I walked into the store back in early November asking if I could pre-order it and they said I could, so I did. After putting in my deposit, the shopkeeper told me that I’d receive a text message on the day of release so I could come collect it.

Unknowingly, I thought that meant I’d only be able to get it much later because I was only in KL for a short while, the next time I’d come would be around December. Then, I looked at one of the posters and saw the global release date, 6th November. Absolutely perfect, the last day I’d be in KL.

Hence, please welcome to my family of Xbox 360 titles, Halo 4.

I’ve only just played it a little, but there’s no doubt this one’s a real jewel. An Xbox exclusive and the first Halo game under 343 Industries, its been much anticipated and I’ve got a feeling when I play it, it’ll be much appreciated.

That’s not all I got however, while browsing through the displays, I found another title I’d been considering a long time ago and finally went for it. 

There are two reasons I got the third installation of the game I’ve never played before. One, Assassin’s Creed is a largely successful franchise and secondly, I wanted a role playing game that would last me longer than Modern Warfare 3 did on campaign.

It was something that took me quite a while to finish. Its divided into about 12 sequences, the chapters you complete to find out the ending of the story. While like any other game, you’d probably be able to finish it within a week or two (assuming you’re someone with nothing else to do for the 15 hours of each day you’re probably awake), like any good RPG, there’s a lot to explore and optional tasks or missions to do that prolong the game longevity. The only grouse I have about the game is that there are one or two instances it wasn’t really clear about what you had to do during a particular task, so much so I referred to online walkthrough videos.

Still, overall its a good game and its a little funny because while I was looking forward to HALO 4 more than Assassins Creed III, I got hooked on the latter and I haven’t touched HALO 4 in quite a while.

Having said that, what I’ve played of the new HALO game, I like and I guess I’ll enjoy it more in the weeks to come. The detailed graphics and great environmental landscape that is always accustom to HALO games is ever present. The only thing I need to get used to are the controls, since its different from what I’m used to in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I forget I can’t aim down my sights in this game and end up throwing a grenade instead, haha.

Anyhow, I also got a pretty neat accessory for my Xbox 360, something I think is more of a necessity than convenience. It’s the Xbox 360 play and charge kit.

As every Xbox 360 comes with a wireless controller, it only makes sense to get this after a while, unless you don’t mind forgetting to buy batteries and discovering you can’t use your controller while in the middle of a crucial point in a game. When the low battery indicator comes on screen, the controller just needs to be plugged into the cable connected to the console by USB. It charges just like a phone, so you can still use the controller while it’s charging. To use this, you have to replace the original battery casing that houses two AA batteries with the rechargeable battery pack from the kit. I got it at a slightly discounted price of RM 85, normal retail price is about RM 100, or even more if you’re buying it from an upmarket IT store.

All in all, this is probably my favourite purchase of the year. That said, I wonder if I’ll consider getting the Surface RT 64GB version from iPmart, but that’s another story for another time.

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