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Friday, November 02, 2012

historical Pairs

Some things come in pairs. Unfortunately when just one of the two falls apart it doesn’t work anymore. That goes things like for shoes, skis, earrings, crutches, chopsticks and drumsticks.

Having played drums off and on over the years, I only recall breaking one pair of drumsticks. But somehow over the last 6 months, I suddenly lost two. I had to get one pretty quick too, since I had to play last weekend so I drove down to Malacca town and bought myself the very same model as the first pair I ever had.

Zildjian Travis Barker Artist Series white drumsticks.

I can’t remember exactly when, but I think I bought my first pair at TheGuitarStore at Desa Sri Hartamas when I was 16 I think. I was only just beginning to teach myself to play drums and that was the time I was quite into pop-punk, namely Blink 182 and Yellowcard. While clearly not the most technically proficient, Travis from Blink 182’s the reason I got into drums. I always liked the way he played live. Most people that don’t like Blink 182 still like Travis anyway (because he’s got skill, that’s not something people contend with).

It’s a very heavy yet solid pair. In fact I still have my the first pair I bought somewhere, but unfortunately one of the sticks is a bit bent because I never carried it around in a proper stick bag, just in my school bag, and obviously it wasn’t tall enough even if I fit it in diagonally so it changed shape a little over time. Anyway, being a heavy pair, just a light hit creates a very loud sound. Even the tip is very round and dense, so just simple rolls on the snare get a lot of volume too. The only thing that I didn’t really like at first was the weight of course, but you get over it after a while. Oh, and of course I love the fact that it’s white with the blue and red wording, hahaha!

Still, after a while I felt I needed to get something not so heavy, or just light really. That’s when I got my second pair, which I also bought about 6 months ago, which snapped barely a month back:

The tip broke off, didn’t even notice until afterwards.

While getting into the whole world of drums, a few friends introduced the names of famous drummers to me and although I can’t recall, one of them was probably Dennis Chambers. He looks so stiff playing drums, but nobody thinks so once he gets going. Its honestly quite funny to watch in a way because he looks stiff, but yet he can play really fast really accurately. Then again, his playing is quite ‘straight’ so to speak, but he is a very good drummer nonetheless.

More importantly I really loved his drumsticks because they were one of the most lightweight but still dense. I just liked the feel of it I guess. Out of all the pairs I’ve used, I think I’ve always felt the most comfortable with this one. The only thing was, like the photo tells, it’s thing so it wears out pretty quickly. Even the tip wore out pretty quick.

After a while, I got another pair from another brand, and was my longest lasting pair up until 3 weeks ago.

It suddenly split while I hit the left crash cymbal and saw it fly past my head to the back.

Out of all the drummers I’ve seen play live or from videos on the web, Dave Weckl’s definitely my favourite. I don’t know the exact genre of music he plays, although I’d suppose its somewhere in between jazz, funk and other music like that. There’s a lot of variety in the beats he plays, even in the volume of his playing. There’s plenty of things he can do I’ll never be able to do, in some ways its like watching the perfect artist. That’s quite an exaggeration, I know. I’m just saying how it feels like.

Looking back, I think I only got this pair because I thought it’d be cool to use the same pair of sticks Dave Weckl did. Out of the three pairs, this one’s actually my third choice, because while still a solid pair, its thick but doesn’t feel dense. Because of that, I never really enjoyed the feel of it. Still as I said, it lasted me a very long time, until a few weeks ago. I even have a video of me using it during Euphonious 2010 and I know I had that pair way before then, so that shows how old it was.

So, it seems I’m back with what I started with. I guess I thought it’d be interesting to jot down this little bit of history to close the loop.

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