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Thursday, November 01, 2012

disney Wars

It must’ve been one of the best kept secrets of the year. Who would’ve thought George Lucas would sell off the beloved Star Wars franchise? On the surface, its definitely funny hearing or reading Disney and Star Wars in the same sentence. Disney has been pretty aggressive over the years, acquiring Pixar (the makers of the immensely awesome Toy Story franchise), so adding Star Wars to its portfolio certainly strengthens it a lot more. What took us by surprise was that Disney confirmed a Star Wars: Episode VII and two more subsequent films would be released beginning 2015.

All this is very surprising, seeing how relatively stagnant the franchise has been since Episode III. I first read about this on CNET, and then later on other sites like IGN and Geektyrant. It’s even made its way to CNN

Everyone’s been taken by surprise and there’s plenty of reaction. Some people have been less than amused they’ll have to think of Disney whenever they think of Star Wars, since they would probably rather have Mickey Mouse sliced by a lightsabre than him wielding one. Along that note, I’ve read a comment saying George Lucas’s is a sell out. On the other hand, you have people like me who are happy that we’ll FINALLY have a new Star Wars movie, which I think most of us thought would never happen (although I am curious how the new movie will turn out under Disney).

Mickey Jedi and Minnie LeiaMany fans don’t want Star Wars to suddenly turn out Goofy (pun intended).

I suppose George Lucas is thinking of moving on to other things if he isn’t calling it a day with the film industry. Similar to how Bill Gates left Microsoft at a time it was still successful, he probably feels its time to transition Star Wars over to someone else. Its quite a u-turn from when I read that he had plenty of projects within Lucasfilm to work on last year, maybe all that was just a smokescreen for this big change.

What a lot of people are wondering is, what does this mean for Star Wars? Can Lucasfilm and Disney really be a good fit?

I myself find the claim that they can make something good by 2015 a little dubious. Can Disney really get something up and about for a release then? Then again, you never know if there have been existing storyboards and scripts for the additional films that Lucas has kept away for years. Speaking chronologically, the last story of Star Wars was done in the 1980s, so there’s been plenty of time to think out sequels. Besides, if they started now, they have two whole years to film it.

There’s no real way to know what will come out of it until we see an actual movie at the cinema, but I think there’s good potential. After all, its not like the people who made Mickey Mouse will be making the movie, it’ll still be Lucasfilm under the Disney umbrella, being funded and maybe given some extra expertise from the Disney folks. Its just like how Toy Story 3 is made by Pixar, but under Disney as well.

To me, all these questions about how good can Disney make the new movies doesn’t matter half as much as the question that I have.

What’s the new Star Wars movie going to be about?

Luke and Darth Vader duel on Death Star
What comes next after this?

Will it still have something to do with Skywalker or will it be something totally different? That’s what I’m most curious about. We’ll probably have plenty of plot rumours coming in 2014. Now, can something that comes in 2015 better what first arrived in 1977?

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