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Saturday, September 17, 2011

day Off

Sometimes when you get a day off, you’re in between two choices. One would be to be minimalist about your day and just relax with a book or maybe a few movies. The other would be to get out of the house, go somewhere and do something.

More often than not, I’m more inclined towards the first choice. That way, I don’t overspend, overeat, or ‘over-anything’ really. There’s also the fact you wouldn’t have to travel, think about logistic things and all. I’m generally quite content spending the day on my laptop playing video games and watching great legacy sitcoms like Scrubs or Everybody Loves Raymond.

Yesterday was a little different though, Malaysia Day let me have Friday off and for some reason I was wondering how to go about it. There weren’t any movies showing that I wanted to watch so I thought I’d be staying in again. A few friends were going over to a friend’s house to chill out, but I was lazy myself although I had suggested it weeks earlier.

I got a message around lunchtime asking me if I was coming, and I guess I went out of courtesy since I hadn't really hung out with these people much. Spontaneously I also agreed to go watch a movie I had planned not to watch, probably because it’d be nice to go with a few people for a change.

I’d been to Joseph’s house before, but there were a lot more people this time. We’d all gathered because after the first time I visited Joseph, I kept pestering Daniel that we should crash his place sometime. Why? He has this: 

I always heard about it, but never tried it. I had a similar gaming experience since I’d played on a Wii at someone’s house before but not using a controller is totally different. I kept touting it to the rest because playing on the Kinect is a whole lot of fun when you have at least four people together. As I’m typing this, I’m a little puzzled why I was lazy to go at first, considering how much fun it was going to be.

Like the Wii, the best fun you can have as a group on a motion sensor game has to be something to do with sports. That’s why we kicked off our Kinnect party at Josephs house with Kinnect Sports. It was really fun, you wouldn’t think it, but you can actually sweat playing on the Kinnect if you really get into it. I know I did. 

Playing on the Kinnect Sports is exactly how it looks like in the picture, although there probably should be a Kinect camera on top of the television. Its fun to play the games, but the spectators get a lot of fun too, especially if when watching their friends who look totally ridiculous running on the spot to win a 100 meter sprint.

There were a lot of laughs obviously, and that’s kind of the way its supposed to be with console motion sensor type games. Oh, and by the way, Kinnect Sports gives you a totally legitimate and legal way to beat up a girl. It was absolutely lovely to hammer Rachel to a TKO on the boxing game. Guys should sweet talk their girlfriends to playing this game if they’re mad at them for some passive aggressive retaliation, hahahah.

I’ve got to say Kinnect Sports is unbelievably fun and there’s a new add on to it being released this October as well. I’d totally get one if I could, but I’d need a widescreen television too. Oh well, hopefully the extra cash will come someday. 

I stuck around longer than the rest so I got to get my hands on the XBOX controller for a game that I’ve never played, but enjoyed watching every single cut scene on YouTube. The Metal Gear Solid (MGS) franchise has a great storyline and great cut scenes. I had a good few hours playing MGS4. That’s when I realised I have no idea how to play shooter games on consoles. I didn’t get far, but at least I got as far as the above cut scene.

After I finally did leave his house, Johnny English Reborn of all things was the final card for the day’s remaining entertainment. After watching the first Johnny English movie many years back, I wasn’t expecting nor was I hoping for much. Still, after the movie someone asked me, “So how did you find it?” 

“Not bad really. It wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be.”

Rowan Atkinson did pull off some funny gags here and there, which gave the film most of its entertainment value. Its obvious whoever directed the film was trying to make Johnny’s character more serious and not as clumsy as Jacques Clouseau played by Steve Martin, yet able to deliver the funnies. Still, its a no brainer that the two most recent Pink Panther movies were a lot more entertaining.

Still, it was a good day nonetheless. And today’s been pretty decent too, which is why I’ve actually made time to blog. Hopefully I’ll have a good week ahead too.

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