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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

getting It On

As promised in my 'an Update about Updates' preview post, I'll be telling a part of some pretty interesting things that happened over the weekend.

You know sometimes, you're left wondering with questions sometimes about how relationships work because you want yours to, or you're looking for tips how to start and get one right when its your turn.

One too many times, movies and drama series tend to dictate the way we think about these things because its the only form of comprehensive input that comes to us. These shows are supposed to depict 'reality' and supposed to show the 'norms'. The problem comes when we assume all these realities and norms are automatically the right thing to do because the imaginary character on screen is doing it.

I need something better than that, something which is real, but something that is also right. How do I get that? Experience.

Who's experience?

The experience of those who've done it right. This is where CoUZ night comes in and I was really glad I was there. A number of younger people that went on a courtship and are now happily married were there to share their experiences with us, and what it means to really marry well.

Wait, Christon did you say marry well?? Isn't that a bit too far? I mean, dude take it back a little. I'm not into marrying just yet, just tell me how to do right in a relationship, you know while I'm dating and stuff.

Well, as crude as it may sound to you, the answer to that notion is rather simple. The reason dating doesn't quite work is that there's no end objective. You're just going out, without a goal. You probably want to feel good with the other person, taking a lot of love, giving some, but that's all. It was all going with the flow, and always more than likely leading to broken relationships because nobody wanted to think or consider that marriage would be the real deal. I think this is becoming even more obvious

That's why I believe in courtship. What is the difference you ask? To be fair to everyone, dating and courtship is not that much different, but courtship says I want to be with you because I think perhaps, there's a good chance that I want to marry you. That's all. Its not a marriage commitment right away, but you know where you're going, there's a destination.

What I really want to share with you isn't in this post, but is right here. Someone from the cell group Glow United put up a pretty good summary of what we all got from that night and I think its worth checking out. Christian or not, I think you'll find a lot of things rather useful. Do check it out, I'm telling you to because I know it'll definitely benefit you.

It will be an interesting read, it'll probably remind you of some important things you forgot and bring something fresh you haven't heard before.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

more Important?

As i was browsing through the Star online today, I came across the poll which asks:

Is Malaysia Day (16th September) more important than National Day (31st August)?

There are three answers for pollers to choose from:

a) Yes
b) No
c) Both days are important

After voting 'No', I clicked on the button to see the current standings of the poll. As of then, the results were:

Yes - 34%

No - 25%

Both days are important - 42%

Before I continue, I'd like to say I don't know how the poll application does its math, because those three figures add up to 101%, lolololololololololololololol.

Now, why did I vote 'no' on this one? Isn't Malaysia Day a lot more significant than National Day? After all, without Malaysia Day, there's no Malaysia!!

The simple matter of fact is that National Day is such an imporant event because it marked the start of something very significant. It was at that point where Malaysia's own people finally had will and ability it took to free itself from the leadership and governance of another nation. National day is quite literally independance day.

Malaysia Day on the other hand, is also an important day, particularly because it marks the entry of eastern Malaysia into the picture, where I was born, and where my father is born. I've had the privilege to be a child of parents from both sides of Malaysia, my father is from Sarawak and my mother from Penang island.
We must remember that without National Day, there wouldn't be a Malaysia Day. That is a simple truth that I cannot deny and I do not think you can either. We have to remember and give credit to Malaya that invited the two states of Sabah and Sarawak to be part of their initiative, to form what we know today as Malaysia, my home country.

In this case, I will say that credit to those who have brought up Malaysia Day because it is an important day, but at the end, its not about being legalistic about important dates. A long time ago, Malaysia set the 31st of August as the date to celebrate the independance of a nation and to celebrate Malaysia. What do we want to do, raise the Malayan flag on 31st August and then the Jalur Gemilang on 16th September? I think that's a bit too far fetched.

I say that both days have value, but let independance day, Hari Merdeka take centre stage. After all, it was one amazing day that led to many more great ones for Malaysia. =)

Note: If you're wondering why then did I not vote 'both days are important', its because it doesn't indicate whether both days are then assumed to be of equal value or if one is greater than the other. As I've written here, I'd choose an answer that says, yes National Day is more important but its good to recognise Malaysia Day as well.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

new Video on YouTube

Well, in tandem with my new YouTube music initiative, I've uploaded another video of myself performing a song I wrote a few months ago called Amity Glow, do check it out. Help me out with this, do rate and comment! If you feel its something worth some attention do forward the video to your friends and get them to watch as well and to post their views and ratings too!

This is the fourth video I've put on YouTube, with the other three being:

Switchfoot/Christon - Malaysian Dream
Christon - Hearts United
Switchfoot - Learning to Breathe (acoustic cover)

I'm not sure how far I'll go with this, but it certainly is an interesting challenge for me. Its good to have a perspective on how people actually go about putting their own performances of covers or their own compositions on YouTube. So far, things have been somewhat encouraging, with my small expectations being met or exceeded in one way or another. Hopefully that will all continue with your help. Cheers. *Happy face*

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

an Unexpected Event

I'd taken my wallet, reached for my phone and was about to go down to get the keys to my car before driving off to MidValley from where I'd take a KTM down to Subang Jaya (I didn't want to drive there as I was not familiar with the roads). I looked at my phone and I saw I had a few missed calls, I called one of the numbers and low and behold, Javier was the one who'd called.

"Oh hey, its Javier, actually Yen Pinng, Alexis and I are at Ikea and we were wondering maybe we could meet up with you or something."

I believe my sub-conscious mind went, "Lolololololololololololololololololol, why are you calling now just when I'm about to leave and chase my beloved Star Wars, lololololololololololololololol."

Of course, it was just so sudden, I had no idea that they were down in KL and I decided on the spur of the moment to change my plans even though I'd even called the shop beforehand to ask if they were open today. I told myself, that'd probably just wait for another day, as I later told Alexis, "It's not everyday I get to meet you guys in the flesh, haha!"

I drove down to Ikea which was flooding with cars vying for parking but God was really so good. The moment I entered under the lifted bars of the ticket machine, a car immediately left a parking space right in front of me and I couldn't have been quicker to take the gifted opportunity.

The three of them were walking around in the IKEA showroom itself and I joined them as they were looking through the 'Dining' section. It was a pleasant sight definitely, I have talked to two of them (Yen Pinng & Javier) online as of late but its always good to meet them physically. It was cool to catch up with Alexis who has a new hairdo at least from what I remember a few months ago, finding out how is she and so forth.

We made a trip to Bentley's, and I can only imagine Javier was quite pleased to see the goods on offer although I wasn't too sure about Yen Pinng and Alexis but I would think they had a fairly good experience since it would have been their first time being in such a place.

They came over to my house too and it was just great, kind of just talking, sharing some of my past with my yearbooks and so forth. It was funny, as I was explaining to Alexis my collection of books, it seemed as if I was explaining a large chunk of my life's history! I never thought I'd look back at all those items on the shelves and tell my life story. It reminded me that keeping all those books over the years was just a great way to remember some of the good things of the past.

The Waterfront was our next stop and I think they were taken aback at the park when they saw something equivalent to a flock of kites in the sky and the many dogs that were all around. Perfect timing would see to it that we'd be able to have dinner with my parents that just arrived back from Malacca and that all added up to a very nice conclusion of the day's events before the three of them would go back to Alexis place.

It was certainly nice meeting you all again, Alexis, Javier and Yen Pinng, cheers to you. *happy face*

Saturday, September 05, 2009

fuh! commandoblake on the tube man :)

That's a quote from Christopher Wee, a friend of mine when I showed him the link to my YouTube video of the Switchfoot/Christon medley named Malaysian Dream. He was even kind enough to post the link on his Twitter account, haha! I know how many people got in to that from Twitter, it wasn't many but I'm still very thankful and appreciative so Chris, if you're reading this, really, thanks a lot for that.

For me personally, it is sort of a milestone in my 'musical' journey. As I've mentioned to a few friends, I've now finally had the guts to put myself on YouTube. That place has always been a harsh and very critical community for any video, mistakes are always pounced on with many discouraging comments. However, I just finally felt I should share it, regardless if the views are little or many or if the comments are bad or good.

Now to clear things if there are any doubts, Malaysian Dream wasn't done with the intention to try and become famous, riding on Merdeka Day, I can be honest about that. In all fairness, I've performed that before with the band Seven Sweet Surrender during a band competition in Universiti Teknologi Petronas known as Euphonious, which was held earlier this year. What I did want to do, was to do a little something for Malaysia on Merdeka day. If you notice, there are some mistakes I made especially towards the end, and the reason the video with the mistakes were up was because I really just wanted to chase that 31st August deadline.

I do want to thank those who have watched that video, it is encouraging to see the numbers go up bit by bit, even if the overall total is small. Its also been really nice to hear feedback from some of you that it was good, and that has actually led me to post up another one, which is a song I wrote, and I can safely say that the lyrics and song arrangement are my own. If you'd like to see it, do visit the following link:

What I'm really trying to say here is that I'm calling on you to support me in my musical journey. So if you're reading this, I hope you guys can take the time to watch some of my videos, and to rate and comment on them as well. I'm not going to ask everyone, "Please give me 5 stars!"

What I really want or need rather is your honesty, because support isn't flattery, its encouragement in honesty, that's what I feel. That's what constructive criticism is all about. So, if you feel its worth just 1 star, go ahead and do that but leave a comment as well and just share with me what you feel or what you think about it. At the end of everything, you can help me to improve with your comments and your ratings too. Thanks.

To Those Who Saw

I don't have a tracker or anything on my blog, so firstly before I put on any futher blog posts, I want to apologise to any Malaysian or any person that may have felt undone or offended by my previous post that was entitled 'The Thought of Discrimination'.

To be honest, I felt that I was just being fair in my writing and I just wanted to say things from my perspective with truth. I certainly did not aim to be biased, but I was certainly intent on attacking a poor attitude I observe in people sometimes.

The reason I took it off was that I eventually I didn't feel it was right in my spirit to keep it there. I admit that I initially wrote it in anger, and until now as I try, I cannot remember the reason why I was triggered to write it. It may have been because I saw a person's display message on Google Talk I wasn't so agreeable with.

I don't wish to provoke anger or malice because I know that such things help no one. For myself as a Christian, I know that we are supposed to uphold the truth, but God's word in the bible also mentions to be careful with what you say, to have wisdom, not just knowledge with the things that you know and those which are in your heart.