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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Weekend & AP News

Well, Saturday was kinda filled up for me. As some people from UTP know, the UTP Rotaract Club had their installation night at the Ipoh City & Country Club. I was there to perform a couple of songs with Adonis and one of my own as well. There were about a hundred or maybe slightly less than that over that night.

We went down there pretty early in Hamizah's Viva, got lost a bit, before stopping at McDonalds to wait for someone else to lead the way before discovering we were only five minutes away from the place. We brought our gear down and I was pretty pumped to be using UTP's Laney acoustic amplifier since I've always wanted to try use my guitar with one of those.

It was pretty cool in the beginning and then the amp started making plenty of fuzzy noises until I gave up on it and decided both Adonis and I would have to perform separately, since there were only two microphones available, whereby one would be used for the guitar and another for singing.

The performance went on all right I suppose. Adonis put on his two songs, and I did one song. Unfortunately, one of the staff didn't really know how to adjust the mixer settings properly and practically muted Adonis towards the middle of his second song. I quickly got Kuo Chun to set me up when I came on next, trying to remedy the situation a little bit. So far, in all the time that I've played/practiced/performed that song, I think it'd be fair to say that night was the best I've done so far, so I was pretty okay with that. I suppose I could say it was a decent performance.

I stayed over in church that night, and boy did I enjoy it, haha! I'd brought my laptop along, connected it to the lcd projector, hooked it up to the mixer and had a nice long session of "Switchfoot Live @ Ventura Theatre". Watching it with so much more volume and a whole lot more screen is always enjoyable, hahaha! I'm still very much into the way they did This Is Your Life, American Dream, Faust Midas & Myself and Only Hope on that performance.

That was my weekend highlight, mostly.

I just have one special feature.

AP News: On Sunday afternoon at 3.45 p,m, UTP student How Mei Le was assassinated, suspected to have been shot by a sniper rifle. The victim was sitting in the front seat of the van, accompanying the driver when a shot was suddenly heard and her head slumped to the side. Police came later that day and took the body for post-mortem. The body has yet to be released. However, shocking news has come about with reports of a Mei Le look-alike was strolling around UTP. It is suspected the look-alike is a clone and not the real person. The public is advised to be wary of this clone and not make personal contact.

Through preliminary investigations, police suggest the assasination was performed by a professional, involving the use of a special sniper rifle using bullets that are very small and do not produce blood spillage from entry wounds. The public is encouraged to provide the police with any useful information if they have any.

 The photos revealing the aftermath of this horrible incident is as below:

                                                             Police shots taken on scene

                                                               Side view of victims head

(This publication is entirely fictional and has been created for the enjoyment of the author of this article, AP does not stand for Associated Press but stands for Apple Punch)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hmmm.... it's been a while

Wow, it's been a pretty long time since I last blogged, by  my standards at least. Two weeks, what's happened in that time? Quite frankly, I can't even remember much. All I know is that I've been pretty busy. I think all of us in UTP are waiting for the mid-semester break that will coincide with the Hari Raya celebration holiday.

I think last week was the most tensed up week, with 4 tests in  a space of four days. Thank God that's over though, but its back to being busy with just 'trying' to catch up on studying the newer chapters and handling projects and whatnot. That's part of the reason I haven't blogged in quite a while.

Oh, one thing I'm doing a lot lately is eating way after 12 a.m, adding a new phase to my traditional eating patterns. I have now added 'Sahor' to my list of meals lately. I'm just loving it man, I don't know why. I think supper appeals to me a lot. Come to think of it, simply eating appeals to me. I'm loving the fried Maggi noodles at v5 and the Alabama chicken fillet with rice right now.

Last night, my Sahor session was pretty cool though. After our Software Engineering project meeting, Salwa, Hamizah, Farhan myself and some of the guys just hung out at the v5 cafe. I haven't had a meal with those friends in quite a while so it was nice just to talk to all of them again. It was funny though, the stuff we talked about. I think the most awkward yet most interesting we talked about was about the lesbian and transsexual on America's Next Top Model. I don't know, I just thought it was so funny how enthusiastic we were talking about it, ahahaha.

Something non-routine is on my schedule this weekend. The Rotaract club of UTP is having their Installation Night this Saturday at the Ipoh City & Country Club. I'm not in Rotaract, but I'll be going for that event anyhow. I'll be there, not in the capacity of a guest but as a performer on that night. In a way, you could say I'm making my individual debut for solo performances in front of an 'event' crowd. I'll be playing as a second guitarist for Adonis, as he's also performing that night. After that, I'll be playing one song on my own.

I hope it'll be a good experience for me, especially as a performer. I always look forward to getting chances to play individually, not to boast my own abilities, but simply to test my  mettle performing on my own. The pressure's always greater on your own compared to performing with a band. I'm looking forward to having Adonis perform though, I've always thought he should get more exposure, since he does have good potential. He's got good skills, I think people at this weekend's Rotaract dinner will enjoy his performance.

Monday, September 01, 2008

A Bit of Last Week and This Week

Well well, I haven't blogged much lately. It's time to move on from the last post to something a little more directly related to me. Just last last Saturday (23rd July), a whole bunch of us went down to Ipoh to stay. It'd been a while since I went down there with a pretty large bunch of people. The girls went to Angie's place while the rest of us were kind of stuck at church.

We made the most of it though. While the girls were cooking Maggi mee at Angie's house, the rest of us walked to one of the places in Ipoh that's famous for its chicken rice! That was just great, I'd only been to that place three times at most in the space of about 2 years. It felt good to get to go there again. I think the last time I went there would've been around a year ago. The timing was pretty strange though, we were eating there at around 11 pm, way past dinnertime, haha! Well, who says supper has to be light right? It was pretty much the best thing that happened that week too.

We didn't order rice as most people do, but we ordered the noodles and I don't think we regretted it. It was pretty good and at least Jave had something to get at since he's fasting meat (his fast ends in two days I think).  I've got a couple of photos here to show for it.

The main meal, tauge, steamed white chicken, noodle soup 
                              From left: Delmestiel & Yik Chieng

                         Javier and Mervin taking in em' noodles

That's a little bit about the week before last. Now, just a few days ago on Saturday marked a three day break from studies with us having a Monday holiday today. A lot of people went back or went for a camp. I wasn't really bummed about it, was actually looking forward to a quiet weekend in UTP. One thing that's made it really cool is hanging around with the friends I've got here.

I think namely, those people are Javier and Yen Pinng. Those two are really sweet people, not to mention fun to hang around with. I think I enjoy every single time I'm with those two. I suppose there's just that 'fun' connection that's there. I think right now, they're pretty much the best friends I have around.

On Saturday we went over to the little house that our church rents nearby UTP to clean up a bit. Since church's got loads of people now, we don't really use the house as much. It's been left there for quite a while now. It was about time somebody went to give it a little cleaning. Jave and Yen Pinng took a little time out to practice for Sunday. It's always nice to step back and see others doing what you do so often, instead of doing it yourself all the time.

                 Yen Pinng with her voice and Jave with 'the' guitar =b

Yeah, within these few days, we've been having meals together loads of times, even today! Yes, we took a car today and drove out for lunch at Tronoh. Just a few hours later, we drove out again for dinner, haha! Talk about 'not getting enough of each other', lol.

The guys are just arriving from camp I think. I hope they'll get enough rest, tomorrow lectures, labs and tutorials begin at UTP once again. It's been a long Sunday for some of them, being stuck in Petaling Jaya for quite a while.

Just one last thing, to my friends who are about to embark on their journey of fasting during the month of Ramhadan, all the best to you, hope it'll be a fulfilling experience.