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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Finally, a day off, maybe get to settle some things like my glasses. More than that though... finally! I get to meet up with Lynn Yee, lol. My first day of leave of my own choice, hahaha, no emergencies, just 'enjoyment' leave. Maybe that's why I felt so free and liberated when I finished work early too on Saturday at 5 p.m instead of 7, haha!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A premiere

Cell yesterday was pretty awesome as its been in the last two weeks. Think I've learned a lot from there. It's the first time in a long time, that we've all been almost so silent during cell. A lot of things have been, as Philip put it, "It's all been blown out of the water". Some of the things, I've struggled with, wondering if what I thought was really what it was, so glad I came back to KL just to be in time for what Hearts United (my cell group) is doing. What we've learned really is a confirmation of certain things that I've feared. What's important here is I know that certain issues really exist and are not simply something I've churned out from my mind in panic. It feels a lot more comfortable to know what's the problem rather than not, you know? It prepares you a lot better to face it because you know what it is.

That in itself has been a premiere for me, learning this whole thing about how it's so easy as a Christian to be focused on other things, and not on Him. It's scary because I think there are so many times where Christians think they're into Him, but it's actually something else, whether it be yourself, others or even something else. I hope to share it with at least some of you when I go back to uni, because the more I go through this study, the more important I believe it is for us to know what I now know. Even when you're born into a Christian family.... it doesn't mean you'll grow into the best Christian ever, there's plenty of things to learn.... and the past two weeks have really been a big time of learning for all of us. I know we all appreciate it because it's really challenged us to change certain things about ourselves and in the entire way we approach Christianity, I know it certainly does for me.

Well, that's all a huge part of what went on last night for me. Last night also proved to be the 'public premiere' of something that I worked out for Hearts United. Glad they like it, since it's all inspired by the name that we all carry. It'll be nice to see how Glow United reacts to it when we join them on July 4th, haha! That 'thing' I've done, really happy with it because I think it really reflects what we stand for, so yeah, hehe. That's all for now.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nothing Is Sound

Really, nothing is sound. I was going through my week as usual, working, expecting to have a pretty ordinary uninterrupted one. Then, a sore throat and a runny nose decided to drop by for a visit in my body for a couple of days. It started at night, but I still went to work anyway, and boy did I regret it. Doing work and being sick at the same time just makes you feel like you're going through the motions. My work, being at times sometimes physically and mentally challenging together didn't really add helpfully towards it.

At night, after work, I gargled a lot of warm salt water (it really helps by the way, better than listerine), some Pannadol (I don't know why but it's almost routine whereby everyday after work I'll somehow have a headache, really strange) and some Actifed (how to spell it?). Psychologically it didn't help watching a replay of Brazil being drubbed over by Paraguay 2-0 before I slept. By then I thought.... shucks... don't think I can work tomorrow.

Thankfully, with all the medicine and a good night's sleep, I felt a lot better. It felt good that I wouldn't have to send a text to my supervisor and tell her I couldn't make it for work again. So, I happily (this word in this context is not often used when you're over 23) went to work, dropping by a stall for a char siew pao before I made my way to the retail outlet. It's becoming a routine stop for me as well. Almost everyday I'll go there in the morning and have one before work. It's like my Starbucks (except that it's solid, not liquid and it's a whole lot cheaper, which is the way I like it).

Work was definitely a lot better today than it was yesterday, even though I did pretty much the same things as the day before. There's a lot and a lot of packing involved in my work these past two weeks and will continue almost until the end of my term at Canaanland since they'll be moving a lot of stock shortly after I leave, to Ara Damansara where their new headquarters will be. I think 75% of my job has been getting extra stock from the outside, take them back into the office, separate by category, figure out which boxes to put them in (I'm very keen on maximum space utilisation so I take very long), write on the box labels, stick the labels on and pile them up, haha! Another 15% goes to rearranging books on the shelves according to alphabetical order and I assure you that it is not as easy and quick as some may think. Only 10% has gone to do any retail work which means helping customers and working the cash register, which is also not a very ordinary cash register (perhaps it's ordinary by current technology standards, just not ordinary for places such as 7-11 and so forth).

One of the perks of working in Canaanland is that every now and then you get to choose the music that's playing over the store. At Centrepoint, I picked out Switchfoot's The Beautiful Letdown once and Pillar's 'The Broken Down: EP' which is totally awesome (hard rock band acoustic style with violins, it's really good). Today at Damansara Perdana, I had my pick too and it played over the store a couple of times. Now, there was this lady who walked in with her young daughter and she was listening to the song playing and she whispered over to her mother and I heard the mother say, "You like this music? If you want it, we can get it." So, they went over to look at the display where we put an empty case of the album that's playing on the store radio. I noticed they were interested and went to pick out the album from the shelf. As the mother came over to where the shelf was, "This is the one you're looking for I think." I said with a smile. She took the cd and double checked with her daughter to see if she really wanted it. The mother took a look at the price again, and she told me, "We'll take it."

As the two of them walked out of the store after making their purchases, the words "You'll enjoy the album" came from me and that young girl definitely will, because I know I did. You, know it felt so good. Why? Simply because, the title I sold was none other than:

Really... Nothing Is Sound. =)

It's good to be, a 'Friends of the Foot'. =b

p/s - as much as Larry had Manic Drive played over the radio several times last two weeks, this is the only CCM I remember being sold in this store in that time, hehehehe.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

As the weeks roll on

So... this is my third week on holiday I think. Just five more weeks and I'm back in university. Wow, time really does fly here in KL. That means I've been on my job at Canaanland for about two weeks now. Within that time I've had three unexpected off days. The first one was supposed to be my first day at work! My supervisor called before Monday telling me she wouldn't be around the Damansara Perdana branch, asked if I could make it to TA building, which is somewhere in KL city. I couldn't make it so we agreed I'd just come in the next day. The next unexpected off day was the public holiday we all had recently for Gawai, so I didn't have to work that day.

The third time however, wasn't really an advantageous leave. Just this week on Tuesday, my mother woke up with a pretty bad pain on her left abdomen. We didn't have any idea of what could have caused it. Anyhow, she called her friend and we set off for the hospital. Before we left, she did take some Panadol as a 'painkiller' to ease the excrutiating pain she was experiencing, and after a while the pain subsided, so that was good. On the way, my mother called her doctor at Klinik Segera to ask if she needed some recommendation letter or something before she did whatever she thought she would have to do at the hospital. In my mind, I was "How is that even necessary and applicable in such a situation?" Anyhow, the doctor asked her to go to the clinic first so we finally headed to Sri Hartamas.

So we arrived there and we hat to wait for quite a while to see the doctor. Until now, I still don't get why we always go to that clinic, we always have to wait forever and ever. Nonetheless, my mother likes that doctor, and I like her too because: (1) she's nice, and (2) she doesn't treat you like a customer, she treats you like a patient. After a while, what I initially though to be an emergency was over, and all we had to do was to wait for my mother to see the doctor. Aunty Jenny was with us as well and we waited. I had an idea then, and I asked my mother if I could walk over to my old high school.

Now for me, wanting to go back and visit my old high school is kind of a big deal. Before this, I didn't want to have anything to do with my high school after I left. After taking my SPM results, I pretty much left straight away I think. I don't remember stopping to talk to classmates or teachers. After form 3 when Wei Yang left with Alex to follow on later, I didn't have quite a smooth passage through form 4 and 5, hence leaving me with not such a nice experience. I admit that my decision was influenced by some boredom at the time, but I did want to just go back and see a few of my favourite teachers. Pn. Enaliza was one teacher I simply loved because she was so cool, and maybe perhaps have a bit of closure with that place.

My mother did let me go. She said, "Yeah, why not? Go ahead, and oh, don't forget to collect your SPM certificate, you still haven't collected it yet." To be honest, I totally forgot there was such a thing, and I think this was the first time I ever heard of it, lol. That may be embarrassing but I don't really care much for certificates. That will also why I've been missing from several ceremonies in UTP over the last few semesters. As Alif put it, so long as they have your record in the system, that's more important.

Anyway, I did walk over from the Seri Hartamas shoplot area and through the housing area and over to my school. Along the way through the housing area, I smiled and chuckled a little to myself as if I couldn't quite believe I was doing this. There was a sense of nostalgia and all, but who really cares about that anyway. I couldn't help but smile though as I walked through my school gate. It's funny, and ironic in a sense that before this I never wanted to enter SMK Seri Hartamas again.

I did collect my certificates and found out through the list, that plenty of my batch mates only collected theirs last year, and many still haven't come to collect their certificates. Out of all the teachers I wanted to see, I could only find one, my former form 4 and form 5 class teacher, Pn. Hazizan. Pn. Loh had retired, as well as Pn. Khoo, along with PN. ENALIZA!!! NoooooooooOoOOOOO!! I even found out she came the DAY BEFORE to visit, ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Man, that was such a heartbreaker, haha. I almost couldn't find my class teacher too until another teacher told me she was teaching in 5 Utarid. So I hopped on over there, and there was the classic Utarid attitude being displayed in front of me, a whole crowd of girls fighting/debating/begging Pn. Hazizan for extra marks. I can't imagine what it would be like if SPM students were allowed to meet the SPM markers while they were marking their papers.

Well, I simply waited, because there was no way they were letting her go, hahaha! So I just stood by the door there, as the others who weren't so kiasu were looked at me awhile before going about their stuff. I noticed some juniors from this batch that I knew, just four but it was nice to see their faces, Pamela, Kimberly. Kemelia and Sharon. In my mind, I'm like, "Dang, they're tall, ahahahaha!" Anyhow, while I was waiting by the door, Sharon was kind enough to come out for a chat. It was cool, haven't talked to that girl in a long long time, good to see she's doing well, there's a young person in her with lot of potential, I just know it. Anyhow, Pn. Hazizan finally came out and it was quite nice to have a 15 minute chat with her before she went off to her next class.

That was quite an experience, a very welcome one too. It really was good to see old faces. Speaking of old faces... just a few days later, I'd just signed into Windows Live Messenger, and message from an unfamiliar contact said "Hi" and I'm like, "Who's that?"

...takes a closer look at the e-mail address


Hahahaha, that was my tution mate Lyn Ee from SMK DJ. Man, the last time I talked to her for more than five minutes must have been three years ago, haha! So yeah, talked to her abit, and arranged a meet up. It's really overdue, each time we want to just meet, it's either I'm really free and she's really busy or vice versa. At least I've worked out a compromise in my busy schedule this time. If not...... it would be so....... potong stim again..

Oh, and getting back to my mother, the first time that we went to the clinic, the blood test results were inconclusive so we went again today before I went for work to test it again. There's a possibly it could be a stone inside my mother's body or it could be a urinary infection. We don't know yet, so it really depends on the results we'll find out in a couple of days time. Hopefully it's not a stone, or if its, a really small one, heh. All in all, just hope my mother will be fine by the end of the whole experience. As it is now, she's still taking some stuff to prevent the really bad pain she got from re-occurring.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Releasing June 24th in a.....????

Man, I am loving this, if this is the album cover. Like the band leader, Max said, "Thought you guys might like a peek. We love 80s movies. Reese described this as Studio 54 meets Charlie's Angels and I thought that summed up our whole album nicely."

I love the bottom of the cover, it says:

Inpop Records presents the BROCK SISTERS in a MAX HSU production of Superchick's "ROCK WHAT YOU GOT" premiering June 24th.

I was just watching an interview of Jon Foreman (lead singer of Switchfoot), one of the things he said he had heard before the phrase, 'Good writers borrow, great writers steal', interesting how he went on to talk about his songwriting experience...anyhow, just heard his song Your Love Is Strong, and like whoa..... he really did steal lyrics....... all from the bible, haha! Wow, never thought the Lord's prayer could be put into a song, at least not that way.

You can check that out here. Enjoy. =)

Oh, and if you like acoustic stuff, or plain guitar with minimal drums, bass, or just enough to soothen a mood, go on YouTube and see some of the videos of Dallas Green or City and Colour (they're both the same artist). You can start off with this. That should convince you, if not... I don't know, hehe. =b