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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ChRisE Updates

Wow, it's been a pretty long time since I last blogged. I think its partly due to the fact that I've been busy, but I think it has to more to do with me not having much ideas to write.

Nonetheless, I haven't updated much about my life here in UTP in the past few weeks. Having said that, let me tell you about what's been happening for me recently.

Well, one thing's for sure, I've been pretty busy as I mentioned earlier. Within the past month I've been pretty occupied with group projects, assignments, tests and quizzes. It's been a pretty hectic time. It's hard not to be caught up during times like these. It's also pretty easy to get moody and depressed for long periods. I'm pretty happy though, that in spite of all these things going on, that I've been able to come out with a smile. It hasn't been easy though, there were a couple of times that I've come out with a big frown and a moody tone. It would've felt nice, if I could've got a pat on the back telling me I'd be fine and to just get on with it. However, you do get a sense of achievement when you get yourself out of it.

I've been encouraged by some of my friends as well. Even though they're in different courses than I am, they have a pretty busy schedule too. Their schedules are most probably more hectic than mine. For some tests, they knew they didn't do too well when they walked out from their test rooms, but they still kept a good attitude going and nice smile on their faces. When you see such things, you do have to sit back and admire it. It's something you learn from, something you're encouraged by and it also makes you proud of these friends.

That aside, I've finally done some jogging on the UTP track by the big field. Having these few busy weeks or months even has really made it hard for me and my partner to go and play tennis or to find people that may want to play futsal with me. I was totally inactive sports wise for a long time, so I decided to do something that I could do myself. It was a really good experience because I found out how unfit I was, haha! I went jogging twice last weekend too, and both my muscles tightened up, and only started loosening up today. I've also discovered first hand if I do not warm up properly before a jog, I am destined for a cramp in either one of my leg muscles.

Within this short period of time as well, I have declared the RM3 set meal of boneless fried chicken with fries, my all time favourite food in UTP. I think it's crazy how much I eat it. I've had it so many times for dinner, and if not, I almost always have it for supper while watching Everybody Hates Chris (it's a great show by the way) on my computer. That Western Food corner at the V5 cafe, is really making great business, I think it could be one of the most successful food business in UTP, haha!

It's nearing the end of the semester, study week is coming up, followed by my final exams that start on the 12th of May and end on the 24th of May. I have to say, four months really does pass by fast. I'm hoping I can appreciate the time with my friends here as much as possible. I have to say, I really like the connection I have with a number of them. You know, the truth is because of this, I don't even miss home. That may sound crazy but its true, I can definitely live in UTP a whole year without going back (assuming there are no ridiculously long breaks where I can't do anything or have nothing to do). One thing though.... I really do miss tennis, even though I played just a couple weeks back. The occasion seems, almost too rare now, lol.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Finally, I can say, I also write at http://hopeipoh.wordpress.com/ hahahaha!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday Night TV

As I put in the last post, 8TV screened a special show containing one hour footage of the Switchfoot concert that took place a couple of months ago at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, which bore the name of 'Switchfoot *hearts* KL', inspired by the 'I *heart* KL' t-shirt that Jon Foreman wore for the last song of that night, Dare You To Move.

I was very determined to catch that show, and it's a little hard to watch television in UTP, because only a few common rooms in some of the blocks have functioning televisions that can receive 8TV transmissions. I knew there was one in the v3A block, so I camped there with my laptop and my notes at around 7.30, right after my dinner for a show that would be on at 10.30. I know, it's pretty crazy, but that's what I did.

Usually v3a common room isn't occupied, but that may have changed since management locked all the common rooms of all the apartment blocks at v4. Hence, as the time approached 10.00, a few groups of people came to have their meetings. I was hoping they'd end a few minutes before 10.30, no such luck. I left v3a in search of a newtelevision, somewhere that would bear the 8tv logo.

By then, the time was 10.23 and I was literally running/jogging over to v4c to see if I could get a tv to myself. Remember how I said that all the v4 common rooms had now been locked. I totally forgot about that and wasted a few precious minutes checking two blocks before I realised it. So from there, I ran with my bag on my back to v2Lembaran, the largest common room around UTP I think, switched on the tv. It had tv1, tv3, blurry ntv7, NO 8TV!! Argghhh ! I quickly used that screening thing to try and get a transmission from 8TV but it just didn't work. So I left there and ran over to the v2 cafe. Sure enough the television was on, and I was pretty sure it would have 8TV, but there was somebody already watching, and I didn't want to take the risk of even a single minute of argument to change channel. SO! I ran faster than the gingerbread man to v2A, my old hostel,haha! I rushed up the stairs to the first floor and quickly made my way to where the tv was. Thankfully, NO ONE was watching the television and so I quickly switched it on, just in time to catch Switchfoot halfway through Oh! Gravity.

So that was that, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, watching the concert that I went to. Did I see myself on television? Well, honestly, there may have been one part where I saw myself but I couldn't be sure because the image was dark and the television was slightly blurry. Why would I watch something that I've been to personally? It's just that on television,you get a lot of better angles and views of what the band's doing, not to mention better sound quality off the instruments. To be honest, Dirty Second Hands and Dare You To Move sounded a lot clearer to me at that time compared to the concert. Two parts of the show really caught my attention. Andrew Shirley seems to be using this touch pad screen thing that I THINK may be working with his pedals, it looked pretty cool in a techno-ish sort of way. The other thing was when Jerome was playing during Oh! Gravity, I was on the other side during the concert so I didn't see him. I was at Tim's end, the bassist. On the show, I saw that during Oh! Gravity, he was playing the keyboard and the tambourine at the same time! Wei Vern and Mei Le should try that sometime. It looked pretty fun.

The show was over at around 11 something, and I headed back to my room, not knowing that I would bump into a new place, where I would sit and watch television for another one and a half hours. As I reached v4, I saw the live telecast of Manchester United vs Arsenal and I had to take a seat and watch it. The cafe was more full than usual, since both Arsenal and United fans were gathered at the same place. The score was 0-0, and stayed that way until half-time, where I'd rush to put my laptop back in my room and come back down to v4. So I watched the second-half as well, witnessing United conceding a seriously soft goal, it was almost like "Huh? The ball just... went in?" Then Ronaldo put away a penalty to level things and then I saw the most spectacular thing I've seen this season. Ronaldo was lining up for his free kick and Owen Hargreaves was just in front of him. Everyone predicted Ronaldo would at least have a shot on target from this reasonable distance. Suddenly, Owen Hargreaves launched the ball over a surprised Arsenal wall that barely jumped and Lehman was standing too close to the right hand post to even try and reach a ball, that dipped into the bottom left hand corner of the goal. That goal was decisive and proved to be the winning one for United that night.

I went back to my room, a very satisfied man with my night's entertainment, it was back to work after that, but it was nice.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I was reading the Switchfoot blog that's mantained by one of their tour guys, Andy Barron, and somebody commented. Here's what it said:

8TV has left a new comment on the post "kuala lumpur, malaysia.":

hey andy, the tv special is done. we're showing it this saturday at 1130am local time and on sunday we're showing 1 hour of the concert at 1030pm local time. there's a part about you in the tv special. so kl people, don't miss it.

I SOO WANNTT TO WATCH THATTT, can someone please tape it for me??

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I've been tagged! Well, so this time, it's 8 random facts about myself. Here goes:

oNe (1) : I can daydream a lot, and every so often it produces a smile or a giggle, then people next to me wonder what I'm thinking about. I hardly tell people what I daydream about, since sometimes it's really lame/funny or something very precious and personal to me. =)

TwO (2): I used to write stories. I remember in International School that when we were asked to do free writing, just write a story about whatever we wanted. I came up with this military commando story that had all my class friends in it. I was really into military stuff at the time, I was so fascinated during the Kosovo war and was even following every CNN update on it (mind you, I was only in primary school at the time). That aside, I continued writing stuff like that until form three back in Malaysia. I stopped... because there was something quite wrong with what I wrote.. and I haven't written much since. I started one story about a year back, but I didn't continue it. I'm not even sure where the document file is.

thRee (3): I like simplicity. This could be the reason, why I'm not as outgoing as I could be or even as creative as I'd like, I don't know. Whatever it is though, I like having things simple, not complex, direct, so I can understand what's happening. Of course, complexity is unavoidable in life, but generally, I like simple things. You don't need to be utterly eccentric or creative to impress/make me happy.

FoUR (4): Hugs are very precious to me. I can tell you that, I don't ask for many (in fact rarely), neither do I give many away. Somehow, hugs just really mean a lot to me because I believe it represents the highly valued love, peace and care that I receive/give when I experience it. I don't know if that came out right, but more importantly, just get the fact that I really treasure hugs.

fiVe (5): I can't sleep for short hours. I'm not one of those people that can sleep at 3 a.m and wake up in time for class at 8 a.m. I seriously need sleep. Anytime, I sleep past midnight, there's always a 50% chance of me missing a morning class. It creeps up to 70% if I slept at around 2 a.m or later.

sIX (6): I can't ride a bicycle.

SeVEn (7): I like singing, performing. Sometimes when I daydream, I do imagine myself performing with a band in front of a large group of people as the frontman. I've always wished to do that, since high school. I don't have the nicest voice or anything, but I would love to be a vocalist or vocalist+rythm guitarist in a band.

Eight (8): People matter to me. I really appreciate the friendships that I intentionally build with people (whenever I've initiated a conversation, or invited you for a meal, that's intentional).

Monday, April 07, 2008


I liked.... yesterday, or perhaps just the entire weekend. It was good on many fronts, enjoyed myself. It was more than just the fun though. It was something more than that. I'm pretty grateful for that whole time spent during the weekend period. It was just a time of just being, I don't know..fulfilled in a sense. You just take a step back to look and admire certain things, and sometimes you're just awestruck. It's one of those things whereby you experience something that lets you know that this is part of how beautiful life can be sometimes.

Sorry if I'm not making sense to some of you, haha! That's just how I feel though, yeah....

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

If I ever..

get an electric guitar (Gretsch BST), this is the first pedal I'll ever want.

Being Loved and Knowing It

Well, I've decided what to blog about, it should summarise my week or whatever period of time I have not updated my blog. It's a little surprising, and a little crazy how things can turn from one extreme to another in just a matter of days and last for a whole week. This is what I experienced.

Coming fresh from a pretty good experience and a wonderful feeling after playing for Euphonious, the days to come would seem to cancel that out. I don't know, suddenly last week became a busy week and for whatever reason, certain things seemed to overwhelm me. Maybe for some people, it wouldn't be that great a deal, but perhaps my mind just drove me to think, "You're in for it, this is another week you have to dig out."

Well, whatever caused me to think that way, I told myself the same thing, I'd just have to dig deep, find the mental strength I needed to get through the week and be done with it. Certain things came up and I just wasn't keen to do them, but I did so anyway. Still certain situations can keep poking at you, and you think, what's it going to take, just to find that peace again?

During times like these, the heart feels heavy, the mind is anxious and the soul isn't peaceful. That's when you need something more than achievement to heal it. You can go through something but start to wonder, why you did all those things, and what on earth are you doing everything for. There's a gap that achievement doesn't fill. That's when love helps a whole lot.

Even through this time, there were certain people that I talked too and I don't know, you just feel the love coming out from their genuine heart to encourage or help you. It wasn't just one person, but quite a number of them and when that happens. It encourages you a lot. Nonetheless, there's only so much that man can do for you.

You see, even after that, I still felt anxious about a couple of things, and it aggravated my current state of mental affairs. In all situations where man fails, God doesn't. It was on a Friday night, at an event I was attending, and I just suddenly felt this stirring in my heart. I can say that it's not something that's ever happened to me before. What I felt was this loving spirit that was saying, "It's ok, I'm here. Everything will be fine" Whatever it was, it just changed what was inside and made it so much better than anytime I'd felt during the week.

I believed I was out of the woods until I heard something about a friend of mine, and it discouraged me, and made me feel anxious for this person. It's like shucks, again! I thought it was over! Then I decided, I just wanted to turn back to the Person that loves me so much and showed it to me in such a tangible way the night before. That's when I just prayed and after that I was pretty confident that God would have the final say in things, and I need not worry about things not in my control. At the end of everything, things turned out to be very good, and it rounded up what was a down week and ended it on a high. Thankfully, that has followed through into this week as well, I just hope I can keep it up.

That's why, love is very powerful.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I don't know

Honestly, I don't know what to blog about... the topsy turvy week has kind of put me off blogging for a while. I'll try to update this, see what happens. All I know is, I don't want the next post to be gloomy, lol. I've had quite enough of that.