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Thursday, January 31, 2008

BaCk tO SaTuRdAy iN tHe FuTuRe

For this particular Saturday, 2nd February, this is how I envision my day to be like:

First, to be on this particular bus to get back to KL

Then, to watch this dude and co. bring the heat at Hall 4 of KLCC

After which, I will retire to my home and watch this happen

Oh, and for that day, I hope Switchfoot can do something. You see, back in the USA and Canada during the 2007 Oh! Gravity tour, Switchfoot sold live recordings for each concert right after each one finished. They're called live bootlegs, below is the cover art for the bootleg. Click on the bootleg art to read a little what Switchfoot has to say about these bootlegs.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

JuSt ToDaY -> up, down, down, down, UP!

I guess it's a little strange when your day can start all right, even as mundane as it may be. The streak continues for most of the day and then you feel a little niggling frustration in your head. You shrug it off a while but it doesn't quite go away when you begin doing the things that you need to do, let it be chores or whatever, but things don't really turn out. You keep going, knowing there's not much point of sitting around being frustrated. You keep on doing your thing, but still towards the end of the day, you don't achieve much. In fact, you may have achieved so much less than what you wanted, or even below that satisfactory level where you can still say, "It's okay laa... not too bad for today." That just blows you know, it feels like you just really got wasted.

That was my day today. I don't know, it was a little strange to be like that. It just put me in a pretty down mood for the rest of the evening. It wasn't an 'emokid' feeling, just maybe frustrated and a little tired at the day's events.

Tonight, my church had this prayer meeting which they do every Tuesday at about 7.30 and I was contemplating about staying around for long. That was partly because there was something I wanted to get done before my group assignment meeting at 9.30; but mainly due to the fact I wasn't quite 'right' in my mind, I just felt like going back to my room.

I decided against it though, citing to myself the 'have-to-go' kind of reason that people sometimes tell themselves to block out whatever logic is in their mind that tells them to do something else. Still, I decided I'd leave early anyway, just to prepare something before my meeting although I knew it may not have been so crucial to do so. Oh, and I hadn't had dinner which may have added to my 'feelings' but I don't think that really matters because when you're in a good mood, not having dinner doesn't exactly change your outlook on today.

So I went, and of course I had this, 'let's just get done with it' kind of feeling. So we started it off with a couple of songs, and yeah, I was just there, but not really 'there', catch what I mean? As it progressed though, the bad feeling somehow slowly moved away as we were praying. I think it's good when you refocus on something else and not dwell on the day and that happened to me. As we prayed, for myself I tried to pray sincerely because I always have this thing in my mind whereby I tell myself, "If you're not genuine praying, you better not bother." That helped me to really get into what was happening. When I did, it was better because I wasn't complaining at that point, but praying for others.

I don't know, but it really helped me to get past that frustration, tiredness, annoyed, stressed emotions. I'm just glad I could at least end today on a higher note than my lowest. In the end, I ended on a much happier note, it's a good thing I decided to go for that prayer meeting after all. For me it's one of those things when you're happy because you still pursued something good even though before that you didn't get what you wanted or had low expectations of what was to come. One of those things you don't want to happen, but appreciate the experience anyhow. =)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Back in UTP

Finally! Christon Emang is back on campus in Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP). He's just moved into his new hostel at village 5E on the second floor. Christon was pleased with his new place, an upgrade to the place he has stayed in for the past three semesters. It is a new year, a new semester for him and he's all geared for another period of four months in UTP.

He had quite an experience moving in, quite an awkward one rather. He went up to Tronoh, Perak from Kuala Lumpur on the way to Penang to send his grandmother back. They stopped at Tronoh to allow him to register for his new hostel. He managed to move some of his things in before continuing the jouney to Penang. Nonetheless, management required him to return they key before going off because they had not duplicated they keys yet to make a pair of keys for two roommates and a spare key. He was told to collect the key the next day.

Christon was not amused and had this to say to LivingThoughtsSimplyLoud, "I think it's a real shame. Things like this shouldn't happen, and will cause many people to be homeless if they come back even a day before the semester begins. They should have settled it last week to allow all the students coming back to have a place to stay. I just hope I can get the key tomorrow."

Penang was the next destination with Christon's party arriving at about 7 pm. The next day required Christon to attend a family lunch at 12, ending slightly late, meaning he only left Penang at about 3 pm arriving after 5. This meant he didn't arrive before the management office closed which caused him to be unable to get they key to his room. Christon resorted to staying at the church house not far away from campus and only got to move in properly on Sunday evening.

After finally moving in LivingThoughtsSimplyLoud reporters asked Christon what he was looking forward to with the beginning of the new year as a student in UTP and as an individual. He had this to say.

"It's a really good chance for me to start afresh, to refocus on certain things and re-prioritise. I think this year's got a good outlook for myself and for a lot of my friends in UTP as well. I do actually look forward to learning new things, whether in life lessons or in the classroom and by expanding my experiences with people hopefully. I'm really pumped up for a few things like going back to KL to watch Switchfoot perform in about 12 days time and even performing myself with the band Seven Sweet Surrender for this year's Euphonious so early in the year. There's a lot to come in this new semester, and I just hope I'll be able to make the best out of it. Oh, and to lose weight as well, hehehehehehe.. To all who are beginning this next part of their journey along with me in UTP, all the best, start strong, move forward and make your time count. Have yourself a great new semester"

This is ChRisE, reporting for LivingThoughtsSimplyLoud

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm so happy!

Why? I just received this. =)

Happy days are here again, hehehehehehehehehe..... Kudos to Khye Shin for handing over my ticket today. Anyone else wanna come with me?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bentley's & Chambers & Takamine & Me

I went out today with my grandmother to do shopping and window shopping. I think this is the first time I've ever done such a thing. Actually, I wanted to stay at home and do a little music 'work' but I went out anyhow.

We went to Low Yat plaza to see some of the phones and laptops. My grandmother certainly wasn't impressed, apparently phones in England are cheaper compared to here (even after you convert from Sterling Pounds to Ringgit) and the same goes for laptops too. Oh, and I bought 100 Imation CD-Rs for RM 54, I didn't realise how much the price had dropped. Last time it was selling at about RM 68 when I last bought 100 CD-Rs. If you want DVD-R (not RW), prices are about RM 96 for 100 pieces. Actually, just the day before, I bought a white HP Deskjet F2180 (shown below) printer from Tesco for about RM 219 so I compared its price to shops in Low Yat, the lowest I came across was RM 250, lol.

Anyway, we moved on to Sungei Wang, dropped by Chambers Music, inquired about cymbal stands, RM 230 for a Yamaha one, RM 125 for an unknown brand (no, not SX... please) from China, was sturdy enough for me though, didn't look 'ciplak' or anything. I tried out the Norman's with pickups there, both cost over RM 2000, didn't quite satisfy me, didn't really bother to try the Yamaha then, since I tried all of them at Yamaha in The Curve.

Then we did get to go to Bentley's which I think is every Malaysian's all time favourite music store since it's variety of things is unsurpassed by any other, unless Mahogany narrowly beats them in terms of variety and quantity of supply of acoustic guitars. I tried out something my dad and I looked at before and it was to me an alternative to the other Takamine I liked in Mahogany, the G350, which costs about RM 3500. This guitar is the Takamine EG530C, shown below (picture from www.takamine.com).

Takamine EG530C with pickup

It's got a nice bright sound that I really like, although incomparable with the Takamine G350, I think the sound matches the price. I liked it so much that I think I spent a good 10 or 15 minutes trying it out, hahahaha! I didn't really want to put it down. It helps that Bentley's got a really nice Marshall acoustic amp to try it out on. It's real sweet, the only thing that I don't like is.... that it is a cutaway guitar (notice in the picture on the right hand side there's a curved shape). The reason is I feel that cutaway guitars don't project as much sound as the full all round dreadnought. Basically I would like it if the right side of the guitar was exactly the same as the left side of the guitar, instead of having that 'cut' look. That's just a personal preference though Still, it's got a nice sound, the price is RM 1650 and a hard casing to go along with it would be RM 250, putting a price of RM 1900. It's a hefty price, but I feel it's worth it. Nonetheless, I can't afford it, at least for now. Isn't life exciting when you don't have all the money in the world that you want?

Oh, and the reason I've revived my scouting efforts for a guitar I would like is because my dad should be taking back the one I'm currently using soon. After all, it is his guitar, I've just been loaning it from him, haven't been a good custodian though, there's a slight chip, thank God it hasn't affected the sound.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Just a reminder

About Switchfoot coming, there's a lot of people going, plenty of tickets have been sold. I was under the impression it was sold out actually, or maybe just the place I got it from. However, tickets are still available, so to buy them either go to www.axcess.com.my , or call the booking hotline at 603-7711 5000 or you can go and buy tickets at the following venues:

Axcess outlets
> Axcess Office, Jalan Semangat
> 1-Utama Shopping Complex
> Stadium Putra Box Office, Bukit Jalil
> Rock Corner, Midvalley Megamall
> Tower Records, Suria KLCC
> Tower Records, Lot 10
> The Actors Studio, Bangsar
> Music Valley Midlands Park, Penang
> Music Valley Greentown, Ipoh
> Music Valley, Holiday Plaza, Johor Bahru

For those who book tickets through axcess's website or hotline, below are the following rules and regulations

* All collection of tickets will require validation of NRIC/Passport, Credit Card and Booking Number.
* Ticket collection is at venue only on the event day, 2 hours before the show time.
* No third party collection allowed unless Authorization Letter is issued by the Purchaser (credit card holder) and presented to Axcess upon ticket collection.

I really hope some of you guys can make it, I know you really want, to, haha! Well, anyway, I encourage all my friends to go if you can, then we can go together, right! Haven't spoken to some of you, but if any of you are onz, do try and see if you can make it yeah. I know it's very pricey, but if you think it's worth it and you can afford it one time, why not? =)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

The day today....

A Jia Lin woke up at around 12 today while I was at The Curve, messaged me and we drove off to Low Yat..... not.. We had a detour, went over the visit Jialin's granny for a while, she's not bad her granny, seems to be quite lively in conversation actually. Spent about half an hour there I think, then off to Low Yat we went! Not... She parked her car on this small road opposite another house in the same area at Kelana Jaya and this followed:

Christon: Why are we parking here?
Jialin: Because (pauses) I don't want to get summoned. (Christon in *humz blurness & shock)
Christon: Oh, are we visiting another grandma, relative??
Jialin: Uh no, we're taking the LRT from Kelana Jaya.
Christon: OHHHHHHHHHHHH (begins to comprehend bizzare parking decision)

So we then took off to Low Yat on train..... not. We had to go from Kelana Jaya to KL Sentral on the LRT line, and then take the monorail from another station across from KL Sentral to Times Square, and then walk on foot a little to Low Yat.

We went there to fix Jialin's laptop and look around for a not so big but portable printer for myself and to search for a surge protector for my DSL modem. Recommendations for easily portable printers anyone?? Besides that, we went around Times Square and Sungei Wang as well, just looking at some things. I didn't get anything but if I had a full day at those places..... hehehehe, I'd be spending. Jialin got some serum for her hair, mentioned something about natural shine or something.... can't quite remember, lol.

We had dinner at Low Yat and please, if any of you go there for a meal, don't go to that white looking place that serves Japanese, Thai fusion stuff. The food quality there isn't exactly... 'satisfying', not even satisficing. I bought a Belkin surge protector shortly after and Khian's printer ink. The ink wasn't so bad, cost RM 45, not too bad a price for HP printer ink, but I'll refrain from saying that's cheap. Mine cost quite a bit though, the home series of the Belkin SurgeMaster surge protector cost RM 95.

This is what the product box looks like if you ever go looking for it

The actual product, four sockets, input & output outlet for LAN cables and one LAN cable

By that time, it was raining, had to walk in the rain a little back to MRT, and then our long journey back. It was quite a long day, but I was happy to get out of the house, go out and do something. It's not been bad the past few days, meeting Vern, Khye Shin, Wei Yang, Alex, Mogan, Mark, Roon Hui and then Jialin today. That was a good way to occupy myself before my Petronas scholars camp tomorrow. I won't be around until Saturday evening, won't update until then.

Oh, and go get those SWITCHFOOT TICKETS!!! They'll be performing at Hall 4 in KLCC. They're hot selling so better get them soon. I always said, the only band I'd every pay to see would be Switchfoot, maybe I'll get the chance to do just that, hehehehe. =)

Coming to you..... very soon

Switchfoot live @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre: February 2nd 2008, Saturday 6.30 p.m
Ticket Prices
Pre Sale: Rm123
Door Sale: Rm 143