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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Before we head into the new year

Welll, what can I say, as it is with every other year, this one's been a little topsy turvy for me. I'm sure the same goes with everyone else anyway. Before I end another year, guess it's good to just say a few last words that everyone knows comes from me before the new year.

Just a few random stuff that comes to my mind as I think back throughout the year. These are all jumbled up statements, could be lessons learnt, things that have affected me this year, events, things I've learned to like, etc etc etc. You'll see a lot of 'I' below, not trying to be self-centered, but then again, this is about my personal statements for the year. Oh, the order is random by the way. It's long, so I guess you can choose to read what you like if you want...

1. I love home cooked meals with my whole family.
2. I love....................... noisy friends (gives me a lot of motivation somehow)
2. I really miss the closer friendships I had with peers back home.
3. I must..... watch less tv/videos on computer(applies only to uni)
4. I really need to find real balance between my priorities .
5. Watching your favourite sport can become very addictive.
6. I finally understand how shopping can be stress relieving. =)
7. You have to be rich in order to be a professional drummer (money is very important)
8. Holidaying with family is very precious.
9. I really have to eat less... lol.
10. Exercise and sports over my uni semester breaks are vital (I played football for the first time yesterday in over two months and I ran like a donkey, lol)
11. Always have contingency plans for gifts to people
12. Remember your friends are humans, definitely imperfect, but good all the same
13. Thinking too much about uncertainties, trying to think too far ahead makes me feel very anxious and afraid
14. No matter what, family's always the best place to fall back upon when you're downed.
15. I miss playing football (not futsal, football).
16. Play squash if you want to feel tired in 10 minutes.
17. Blogging is a little scary when you don't know who's reading but then again, it would mean I'm afraid to tell something that's true about myself, good or bad (at least for my case).
18. Happy that my family has a new house, it's our first in about what, nine years?
19. Having a laptop is convenient, I'd still trade mine for a powerful desktop though, hehehehehe...
20. Learning to cope with losing is very important, unfortunately, I'm still learning. I don't take defeat well.
21. Being a good friend, isn't easy, it takes a lot out of a person to be one.
22. Music has tremendous power to change moods.
23. When tension is high, fear strikes, and it makes you real scared.
24. Just going out, doing something out of my routine makes me happy sometimes.
25. Materialism is scary, you may think you're not materialistic when you sometimes are.
26. Giving, helping, charity work, assisting those less fortunate than me is something I need to work on
27. Playing music makes you enjoy music even more. =)
28. The generation younger than me(12 -13 ++ years) has so much potential, I really believe they have the ability to do great things, achieve much more in life than previous generations. Thing is, I don't think many realise it.
29. When situations dictate the way you feel, you lose track and fail to be objective
30. Out of all situations and circumstances, God's the only thing consistent, I'm thankful for that. =)

Well, I'm sure there's more in my mind if I continue thinking, but I'll leave it at 30. Just some last words for the new year. This one goes out to specifically those who know me personally, more than just the hello and goodbye wishes:

It's been a good experience being part of life and having all of you with me makes it interesting, challenging and good. It's been great to just catch up, spend time with some of you and just know we're friends that support each other in one way or another. Life isn't easy, not always cheerful but all of you in your own way somehow have made it a little easier on me, giving that bit of joy that can make a difference. I just want to say sorry to you if I have wronged, offended or maybe didn't do enough for you. There may be some things that you've expected from me but I didn't deliver and I apologise for that, I'm still learning and I hope all of you can forgive me. I'm sorry if I'm not a good friend to you, help me know where I'm wrong so I can make it right. A whole new year's ahead and I hope we can enjoy it together. Have a blessed new year.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Why I haven't really blogged in the past 2 weeks

To be honest, I really don't know what to write, it's been a very down turning past two weeks for my family. I don't really know what to feel or how to react or respond but whatever it is, the feeling hasn't exactly been pleasant.

About two weeks ago, my mother got a call from my grandaunt Sally, she informed my mother that my mother's grandmother (my great grandmother) got very ill, she was bedridden and she was refusing to eat. My mother thought that she was going off so my mother and I headed immediately to Penang. My father came a few days later because he was in Terengganu.

We went over, and sure enough, my great grandmother was in a pretty weak state. She never got off from the bed, except to go to the toilet and even that was rare. Apparently she'd been like this for about a week or so. My mother, grandaunt and granduncle tried very hard over the next few days to convince my great grandmother to eat something. She was pretty stubborn though, and so she refused many times, and there was always a minimum intake. Obviously that concerned us because at this age, you can't exactly live if you eat to little. We tried all sorts of ways to get her to eat, but she just wouldn't.

It was very strange those few days because at one point she would look strong, and then really weak at another. And because of that my mother's mood swung according to that too. Just to take note, my mother's really close to my great grandmother because she practically brought her up when she was young because she stayed with her when her parents got divorced. You could almost say that my great grandmother was just as good as a mother to her.

We stayed for about 5 days before going back. Just within 24 hours of arriving home, grandaunt Sally called again, telling my mother to go back to Penang immediately because my great grandmother was short of breath and my mother that she'd be going off soon. I was at The Curve at the time, actually I wasn't so convinced because I thought it'd just be like the last time. To be honest, before this I thought she would be living for a long while more, but of course I'd still go with my parents to Penang. Much to what my mother feared would happen, by the time my parents came, my great grandmother had gone already. That was at about 1.40 p.m.

So we went down and yeah, you could probably guess my mother was crying in the car and all. I didn't know what to make of this actually but I guess my heart felt kinda heavy and I just wasn't in the mood at that time. We arrived in the evening and by that time, my great grandmother's eldest sister, grandaunt Rose had taken the body to her house.

The funeral was held in a Taoist combined Buddhist manner I think, if I'm not mistaken, and the whole process took five days, including today. As expected, a lot of relatives came back, we even have relatives in Thailand. In fact, one of them is a retired Thai army general and another actually is a Thai army general but he couldn't come due to the unrest happening in Thailand at the moment. It was actually good to see all my relatives for the first time, but I wasn't happy that it had to be under such circumstances.

My mother began to tell me how everyone who came back actually said that my great grandmother was actually like a mother to them, basically putting all of them in the same situation as my mother, having a grandmother like a real mother. What spoke to me then was how much my great grandmother has impacted the lives of so many people within our family. From the stories I've been told, she's really had really really big heart for her family, and she's loved them very very much. As my mother said, "Grandma had such a big heart for everyone." Well, it was good to see at least, how wonderful my great grandmother was, and really how her love has touched everyone. Just as an example of what she will give, when my parents got married a long time ago, they didn't have much money and my great grandmother was the one that provided for the engagement ring AND the wedding ring that my mother still wears today and there are many more instances of how she's been real generous to the others as well.

A life well lived, loving and caring for family, earning a high command of respect from all of my family. May she rest peacefully.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Eight random facts about yourself

1. Cricket's my all time favourite sport. I do love football/futsal and a few other sports but I like cricket the most. I picked it up in a really weird place to learn about the game though. I picked it up in Vietnam when I was in International School Ho Chi Minh City. That's just as well because some of the teachers were Australians and cricket is their number one sport. My favourite team's South Africa and my favourtite player's the all rounder in the Protean side, Jacques Kallis.

2. My favourite cartoon characters are all lazy and continue to be my inspiration, lol. My top three favourite cartoon characters in order are Yogi Bear, Snoopy and Garfield. I used to love reading or watching those cartoon characters as a small child, up until now. I think it's a real shame that the current generation of children aged 3 -8 don't aren't really exposed to stuff like that, especially Yogi Bear, that you never ever hear of nowadays. It's a good thing though that they still keep Asterix and Tintin alive. Even so, not many read Tintin.

3. I personally believe Petronas is a great company. I really don't get why people can't get their head around this. Some Petronas scholars I know dread the fact they may be bonded for 10 years to Petronas. Yes, it is long, but how many Fortune 500 companies pay you Rm 500 a month whilst sponsoring your education and want you to work with them for 10 years minimum? I really think a lot of people are ignorant about this company as a major shifter of the country's economy. Petronas subsidises a lot of the petrol price you currently pay for. Americans are not so lucky, they pay according to current market rates. They are a big force to be reckoned with, and it's continuing to grow, I'd be proud to be part of such a large organisation that's already giving a lot back to the nation. Take note, Petronas just paid Rm 33.6 billion to three Malaysian states for just doing operations there, lol.

4. I'm a Manchester United fan. Since 1994, I've been watching and supporting Manchester United. It's kind of cool to see all the transitions of the many players that have come and gone, Mark Hughes, Eric Cantona, Beckham and those that have stayed for AGES like Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, not to mention Alex Ferguson. I think he's managed Manchester United longer than Cristiano Ronaldo's been born, lol. Just finished watching United narrowly beat Liverpool 1-0 away. =)

5. I like going to malls to window shop or shop. The latter's if I have the money. I guess it's a little strange for a guy to say that but all the same, whichever sex you belong to, you always want something, and it's often found at a shopping mall. And I can go alone too, I don't need a group of friends to go with me. It's because of two things, one I'm scared I'll bore the other person/people with my random walkabouts of the mall and secondly, there are times when I don't really want to wait for people before moving on to the next part of the mall I want to go to. Nonetheless, it's good to have company sometimes.

6. The thoughts I can have when I'm angry can be very spiteful. I would credit this partially to friends who've revealed to me some of the most drastic ways of torturing a person, but of course, the thoughts are all mine. It usually happens when I'm very angry at one person and I can automatically switch my mind to a mode where I can imagine myself torturing the other person physically. Of course, I'd have to really have something big against such a person before doing so.

7. I really don't like online conversations because it usually makes me ending up having nothing to say to the people when I meet them face to face.

8. I think blogs.... are a brilliant way to give a poor portrayal of who you really are as a person. You can't depend on those. Too little credibility... who's to say anything I've written on this post is true? Only those who've known me in the physical world. =)

Monday, December 03, 2007


this. One part of this video makes me feel it's really so weird as to how desperate MI6 are to recruit people. You want to be the next James Bond?

10 Things That Interest Me These Past Few Weeks

1. Hindraf Rally
I'm personally starting to feel we should whip them with ISA given some really poor reasons for their movement plus the proposed memorandum to the British government. I personally believe they're better of with us than under British government.

2. Proton cancelling talks with VW
It's the second time now, and I don't think they'll be coming back a third time around. General Motors say they're still interested if an opportunity presents itself. Syed Zainal indicated Proton can go alone competing in the ASEAN region. We'll see if that's true in the next five years. Feel kind of sad about it but, it's true that the terms of negotiation were much worse 11 months ago compared if they started negotiating now. Really hope Syed Zainal knows what he's doing.

3. HITMAN the movie
The action does fit 47's style in the game but definitely not the character. Man..... 47 doesn't go soft after getting hit on by one girl, lol. You only hear Diana's voice ONCE! ONCE! Still, I like the whole suit, with his trademark red tie and the bar code on his head. It wasn't too bad, but the show didn't exactly flow as nicely as it could've, mainly cos' of the *humzing between 47 and the girl. Would've been better without the girl, though she is hot.

4. Comparing elections
When I see what's happening in Venezuela and Russia, I think Malaysians should shut up about elections. Just my thought and feelings. The French, should quit rioting and damaging public property (which is for them to use in the first place) and get behind their prime minister. Maybe the French are all so scared that this is their first change of prime minister in ages, which comparatively make us better than them in adjustment of change in power, lol.

5. Hugo Chavez
Approximately 50.7 percent of Venezuelans voted against a referendum that would put that dude with practically dictatorship power over Venezuela. A close call, but I feel nice a defeat has been put in that huge egoistic face.

6. Petronas Acquisitions
Petronas seems to be slowly expanding itself, buying up rigs in Mauritania, totally buying FL Selenia SpA, now bidding for British company Star Energy, I'm getting more interested about the prospects of working for this Fortune 500 company. =)

7. MAS Talent
MAS is currently working on succession plans to replace 400 top jobs in the company. So of course, there's a lot of stuff going on, looking at talent already within MAS. They've already cut down staff, they won't be adding more, excluding those who will be on the planes they're buying. There's a lot of restructuring going on as well, job evaluations and salary scaling. I love this statement by Idris Jala given to Business Times Malaysia, "We are doing salary benchmarks to see how to pay staff better. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys."

8. Taylor Guitar
Have launched their first batch of electric guitars ever, haha! Wonder if that'll ever come here.

9. Borders/MPH
Are the only places in a shopping mall I can spend more than two hours in. I just love sitting there, reading through some of the books there. It's a relaxing pleasure.

10. My Favourite Movie of the past two years
Just caught this film, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium today! Didn't know what to expect, but the poster looked a little funky, compared to all the horror, action, serious movies that usually fill the screens. You should give it a go, but do go with a mind that's there for fun, not with your serious, critical outlook, because, well.... you'll miss out. =)