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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Three Stages


Gosh, I was conveniently thinking that when I got back, the house would be MAGICALLY completely ready to live in. Well, I thought wrong. In fact, as of this moment, we're not exactly done with the work for the new house. Going through this experience, I thought it might be good to share with some of you the three stages of moving house, if you've never experienced it before. Mind you, it's a lot more harder than just moving to a new hostel block.

Stage 1: Packing
At this stage, you put everything you have in boxes. For the bigger furniture that you have, you still wrap them in cardboard boxes and wrap them round with that protective foam layer thing (what's it called?). In fact, you wrap anything fragile you have with that, which means you have to wrap a lot of things. For my family, it involves wrapping a lot of fragile home decor stuff, crockery and so forth. You also want to pack your things in an organised way, so only certain things from certain rooms go in certain boxes. You can trust me when I say this, it can take more than a whole day to actually finish putting things in boxes. That's assuming you start in the morning.

Stage 2: Moving
For some people, this is a little easier, for me it was harder. Why? I moved into a unit at Ken Damansara Condo's before moving into my new house at SPK Damansara because our house at SPK Damansara hadn't been completed yet. That meant we had to move our things twice. Even when the house was ready, we couldn't actually move everything in, because it wasn't really ready to be stayed in yet. We could only move our stuff bit by bit until it was actually ready. So it took us quite a while before we totally moved everything from the Ken Damansara Unit to SPK Damansara. For those who don't know where SPK Damansara is, it's the better neighbour to Desa Park City. Why the better neighbour? It's non-gated so there's no management fees, mwahahahahahaha! That's a big difference, I can tell you now. Anyhow, what was hard for us was we didn't get packers to move our stuff the second time around. So, that meant there were only three of us, my father, mother and myself to move all our things from the apartment, down to the car park. Not to mention, we don't have a truck to help us. So we made do with my mother's Honda Jazz and my father's Toyota Unser. All in all, that wasn't too bad, but still very hectic and tiring.

Stage 3: Unpacking
By this time, most people say, "FINALLY!" Wait a second there, this is going to be the longest, and hardest stage of moving house. This is what I came back just in time for. You see, it can take slightly less than a full day to physically move all our boxes into the respective areas of the house it belongs to, it can take weeks to unpack things. That's what's been happening for my family. To be fair, they'd unpacked a few things already, even my parents bedroom and mine were ready by then. By the way, I love my new bed, hahhahaha! It took two full days for my mother and myself to unpack for just one part of the house, the kitchen. That was on last Friday and Saturday. If only you were there to see my mother's face, lol. That's one worn out face if you ask me. Our accomplishment was just getting the kitchen done, so now we're actually able to use it, lol. That's like more than one month after the house handover, lol. Until now, there's still a lot of boxes that haven't been opened. In my experience of moving, about four times now(that sounds little but it's a fair lot within a period of 19 years), as much as we unpack, there somehow seems to be boxes we'll refuse to open, citing the 'no need' reason.

Oh well, we'll just have to see when this house is fully operational, lol. Still waiting for furniture to come in...

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Will blog... soon... been busy with 'settling-in-to-house' stuff lately. But anyhow, guess it's good to be back in KL. Looking forward to take part in the 'Christmas Tree Project' outreach thing, if I get the chance. Would be nice to make some young kids happy 2 days before the new year.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Electoral Reform

People shouldn't be afraid of the government, and a lot of people had boldness to stand for what they believe to be right and true. The recent Bersih rally, calling for electoral reform, demonstrations here and there. It's a sign of the Malaysian rising to oppose a taboo that says do not challenge your elected government. It's a brave thing to do, and I respect those who did it. They called on for electoral reform, especially in giving in the elected government's power of the press to opposition parties as well.

The controlled media has been tacky enough to label certain peaceful marches as riots and so forth. It's interesting to see how some Malaysians react, to have growing discontent for the elected government or dismiss this as a sudden reaction from a group of extremists.

So, what do I make of all this? Where do I stand?

It is confusing because I'm torn between two, there's one said that i believe to have been exposed to corruption, inefficiency and ineffectiveness at governing the nation. One the other hand, I seriously question the intention of the other side.

First off, you and I know that whichever party governs any country, corruption is there. That is the truth, and it creates the fact that corruption and politics are inseparable. That is the nature of the human flesh, with power comes great responsibility, it also comes with great temptations. For anyone who so fervently support opposition parties all over the world because of the thought they can revolutionize a corrupt government, I urge you to reconsider your support.

I've read something interesting, a letter to our prime minister that was posted on a blog. On it, I saw many interesting replies, all of course anti-elected government and the calls for reform of government. It's not surprising, and people just want to let their frustrations out on the wrongs of our elected government.

What we want to know, why did 40 000 people take to the streets that day? Well, the reason for the peaceful protest called for more transparency and electoral reform. Journalists would have walked on that march calling for their rights to publish the unspoken, the hushed up issues that may have plagued or continue to plague the government. The others walked for a better, fairer voting system. They wanted a change to happen, and they decided the time to say it out was now.

One thing that puzzles me though, is the handing of a memorandum over to someone who can't do anything about it. I mean, didn't that come across ANYONE's mind? Honestly, it really is dragging someone into the picture who shouldn't be there. What on earth does the King have to do with electoral reform. It's like saying the Queen of England has such a powerful influence on the current voting system over Great Britain. The thing that also really made it so clear that something was amiss was when opposition party leaders handed over the memorandum at the royal house. To me, it can't be any clearer as opposition parties trying to drag the King to do something and make a statement about something he isn't entirely sure about. Once the King makes a statement, he's not responding to the neutral party that started it, he responds to five opposition parties that will be looking forward to pounce upon any 'biased' words in his statement. I think someone did mention, that that was the one mistake that rally had.

The 'Saya pantang dicabar' quote from the Prime Minister, some people are being idiots. Who on earth likes being challenged? The opposition don't like being challenged, you don't like being challenged, I don't like being challenged, so don't make that statement as an excuse to say he's not a democratic leader. Gosh, you're so quick to assume stuff. How on earth would you feel when five people that hate you hand something over to the king that sends out the private message, "That dude, and his party sucks, they're all corrupt and so we need to change the voting system.". What is really ridiculous are things coming out about him leading his 'cronies' and corrupted government. Dude, please, Ahmad Badawi does not represent every single government staff in office. He represents his own ideology, philosophy and does what he can to get people to resonate with him. Those who just don't are the people you and I hate so much. And one more thing, please don't refer to the media as his media. Mind you, as much as several government officials may control it, he doesn't. I don't have to tell you he doesn't control every government servant around mind you.

The prime minister's being accused of not cleaning up, succumbing to cronies and corruption, he's being dismissed by what I may assume to be the very people who may have voted for him. Some people are not calling for a fairer voting system. If that is true, our government is undemocratic and unjust and not transparent, do you think that the press would have released the ridiculous expenditures the government had made for simple simple items? How many of you remember that? They released actual figures for items that cost merely hundreds that were bought for thousands. To be honest, that's a real government shame if you ask me, but they let it out anyhow.

Of course, it's easy to say that the government could be choosy in releasing things to the public. Why do that though? Why not let it go out freely. Of course, all of us, myself included say, it's all about covering up. There is one thing I will say, there are two sides two this issue, and its both very true. On one hand, there are definitely people in the government who muzzle the press to cover up wrongs. Still, there's one thing, what does the public benefit from knowing everything? Not everyone is meant to know everything, just like how not everybody's meant to know the personal problems you're facing, or the difficult personal battles you're fighting within until they're dealt with. Even when its over, we don't always talk about the outcome. That's why sometimes we're left in the dark. Of course, it doesn't mean to say we should be left out all the time.

To end, I'll say this. The effort put in by Bersih is definitely very noble, there's not a doubt about it. Demonstrating peacefully was right, police brutality is wrong. I wasn't there but if it happened, then that's what I'd say about it. Still, I'm just not so convinced that all 40 000 people were really pushing for electoral reform. You just get the feeling that some of the more outspoken people just took it as a chance to say screw the government, without any real intention to heal it. Some push for a freer press, but some push for an outspoken press. Just be careful with your intentions, it can ruin the reputation of something that's worth a lot.

Be careful with what you say, don't just say screw the government. Help them know what they need to do, that's what Bersih did. If you can't come up with a solution for something the government's doing wrong, I think you'd better just shut up because you've just stepped into something way out of your league. Don't complain if you're not doing anything about it, its more likely the government has done something to handle it than you have.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

ThaT urge...

Sigh.... I just have that sudden wanting to get on the drums man... It's been so long. I haven't even touched the drums since..... I can't quite remember, but definitely over two months. Just miss playing, really. I can only imagine whatever 'skill' I have has diminished somewhat. I really miss playing for church, let it be in Hope Ipoh or SIB(KL). Well, you could say I miss SIB more since I can play much LOUDER there. I just don't know why they decided to buy a crash that has the same tone (makes no sense to buy two crash cymbals that both have a mid/dark tone).

It's so sad I tell you, I see my drumsticks sitting in my hostel doing nothing. There's only so much practice you can do on your lap/books(yes some people do hit their text books)/drum pad. Sometimes I just feel like going to a studio with anyone, just so I can play, lol. I just really want that feel of my drumsticks just progressively riding on that snare drum.

Can't wait to get back to play there.... lol. Actually, now I'm thinking when we were back in the old building, playing alongside Chris Wee on bass and Khye Shin on electric with Daniel Koh leading the team,that was the best time I had as a drummer. Guess that's where I developed the most. Now even when I last got on a set, it felt like I couldn't play anything other than the basic basic beats... sigh..

But I guess I'm still looking forward to a potential recording with Chris Wee. Supposed to call him up, haven't made an appointment yet, hopfeully I'll settle that soon. Supposed to record a simple acoustic track with him, quite curious to see what the outcome will be. Have to try and finish it up pretty quick.

Having exams now.... hopefully I'll do alright. Honestly, I'll be pleasantly surprised if I make it above 3.5 this time. I haven't really calculated my chances of that, but its kind of a gut feeling you could say. This hasn't been my best semester, no turning back though. Just have to accept that whatever result I get's a fair reflection of my effort.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

1. Takamine G330s with already built in pickup
2. Khye Shin’s Shecter electric guitar + amp + expensive effects box
3. New Manchester United home jersey with my name on the back, reading CHRISTON and the number 19 on my back.
4. Any shirts from Atticus/Famous Stars and Straps/Macbeth/Blink182/Taking Back Sunday (Khye Shin, you can fulfill this for me in December, hahahahaha!)
5. Another shirt, nicely designed (have no idea what I want it to look like), that says these three words, ‘Seven Sweet Surrender’

1. Something really solid that I can play on my own and in church.
2. Always wanted to play, but too expensive an investment since I already want a good acoustic. More of a dream than reality anytime soon.
3. I like Manchester United mar…. actually I wanted the number 17 but Nani took that number already, I don’t think any of the first teamers have the number 19 yet.
4. I just like how they look, hahahaha. Plus, gives a ‘punk rock’ impression, haha!
5. Something to remember the band by, I know bands don’t do this, but I don’t know, think it’s kind of cool, if all of our members had the shirts of the same theme but various designs to differentiate each of us individually.

WHO TAGGED YOU: That girl la…. Vern... Kena fikir lama tahu tak… haih..

1. Balanced
2. Substance in mind and spirit
3. Clarity of expression
4. Calm
5. Genuine

Just being there as a friend, being honest and transparent, giving me her trust. Just saying it as it is with kindness.

MOST LOVED INVENTION (does not need to be technologically advanced):
1. One-day cricket

Bullies (personal experience, hehe)
Kenaina, Bob Haleaway *humzter, *humzter Javier, Salwa, Amy, deJelly

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

*Humz Moment

Christon walks out of his room, to take a phone call from a special someone. As usual they talk to each other very differently compared with other people, with the conversation bearing the usage of very nice voice tones and 'cute' talk.

Suddenly, Christon is ambushed by Lee See, Jenny and Seok Yee from behind. They all stop to listen as they have discovered something suspicious and juicy with all this 'cute' talk and the big smile on my face. The trio make a bit of noise, intentionally disturbing the person on the other end. They listen intently, when the person on the other end asks me, "Who's that talking to you?"

"Well, I'm talking to 3 girls right now, MOM cos' that's the kind of guy I am."

*Humz babeh