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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Friendster...

Remember a long long time ago when Friendster never had a thing called 'word limit' for testimonials? I still remember when I used to write testimonials for people that were definitely much longer than 1000 characters. There were times where I'd actually write testimonials for people in parts and then send it one by one, haha!

Those were the days. I was on Friendster the other day and I was randomly flipping through the very first few testimonials a couple of my friends had received. Then I decided to check on mine. It was just one of those moments that encouraged me to look back and reflect a little bit on my past.

Just like anyone else, I'd pretty much forgotten what had been written for me several years back. Well, ironically, the first testimonial I got was much shorter than the 1000 character limit that was non-existent at the time. Anyway, I read through quite a number of my earlier testimonials and it was interesting to see how people viewed me at the time.

It's actually quite refreshing and encouraging to look back at some of my previous testimonials and know that I've at least slightly touched or impacted somebody's life in a good or fun way. Then there's all of those were they write flashbacks of events that make people remember me. Some of the things they said flattered me, buzzing on about my good, positive aspects. Of course, there's those too that go on about your little, maybe special moments with friends that are worth remembering, let it be funny or serious.

It's actually all really reminded me of friends I've had, friends I've grown away from that I was close too. Some friends, I've just about lost them altogether because I'm a poor 'keep-in-toucn-with-everyone' kind of person. Sometimes when I meet up with the very same people that have given me some nice testimonials, I just feel a little lost, a little distant you could say.

Well, we all have our seasons. Friends come and go, you can't really have them ALL, even though it seems much easier to do so in the digital age. What I'll say though, is that I appreciate each person that's added in a little bit of the puzzle into my life. You've all been great in your own unique ways, and to those who now have the chance to add into my puzzle, hope you'll enjoy doing it.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Of thieves and crooks

Just today, shortly after I came back to my room, barely two hours after we'd finished our English test, my room mate told me that seven notebook computers had gone missing. I have to say, it's a really frustrating thing to happen, fortunately, my computer wasn't stolen, its a freaking desktop. No one would steal that in a hurry. Well, I guess if they really wanted to, they could've stolen mine during the three hour period of our English test. I have to say though, it's not a big surprise because sometimes, for whatever reason, some people don't lock their doors for whatever peculiar reason. Still, I think everyone'd would've locked their doors going into a three hour test.

Welll, they've called security over to check it out and I saw the head of security come by talking to some of the theft victims. Hopefully, they can investigate into what happenned and find the stuff, although I guess it'd be be pretty hard or close to impossible unless they really call the police or something.

It's just dissapointing, why does this sort of thing have to happen. Surely, they must've been UTP students, security is pretty strict on any outsider coming in. Then, your thoughts go on to how on earth did such people enter UTP, how could they have passed the interviews and so forth, hey, looks are deceiving right? Still, it just sucks to have such people around.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Switchfoot - Head Over Heels (In This Life)

Jon Foreman of Switchfoot

I just listened to this song by Switchfoot recently, it's off their latest record released last December, Oh! Gravity. Personally, I think it's a really cool song, definitely worth listening too, if you haven't listened to it yet, get your ears on it, because it is good.

For those who like it and want to play it on guitar, I'll post the tabs right here, some dude tabbed THE ENTIRE Oh! Gravity album and put it on ultimate guitar, haha! That guy is cool man, whoever he is, tabbing an ENTIRE ALBUM, whoaa.....

Well, Khye Shin, if you're reading this, PRACTICE ITTTT, I want to play this song dude!!!! This goes out to Seven Sweet Surrender guitarists as well, since this is one of our shortlisted songs for next year, hehehehe, along with Break Free from Hillsong United, go look that one up too.

Without further adue, here goes, the tabs for Head Over Heels (In This Life) by Switchfoot. By the way, the tabs here are for both lead and rythm guitar. Obviously, the rythm does less work, haha!

08. Head Over Heels (In This Life)
guitars used: 2 electrics
tuning:       Drop D
Intro: guitar 1
|                                                                          |
|Intro: guitar 2                                                           |
verse 1: guitar 1
|                                                                        |
|verse 1: guitar 2                                                       |
Head over here and take me/head over heels and aching/When I told you I was
yours/I was yours
Chorus: guitar 1
|                                                                |
|chorus: guitar 2                                                |
In this life, you’re the one place I call home/In this life, you’re the
feeling I belong
Chorus: guitars 1,2
In this life, you’re the flower and the thorn/You’re everything that’s fair
in love and war
verse 1: guitar 1
|                                                                        |
|verse 1: guitar 2                                                       |
I’m coming down like a gunshot/in all these battles I’ve fought/You’re the
mark I’m aiming for/I was yours
Chorus 2: guitar 1
|                                                                |
|chorus 2: guitar 2                                              |
In this life, you’re the one place I call home/In this life, you’re the
feeling I belong
Chorus 2: guitar 1
|                                                                          |
|Chorus 2: guitar 2                                                        |
In this life, you’re the flower and the thorn/You’re everything that’s fair
in love and war/in love
Bridge: guitar 1
And war/Head over
Bridge: guitar 2
Heels/head over heels
Bridge: guitar 2                                        (“everything”)
In this life I’m stubborn to the core/In this life I’ve been burning after
more/We both know what these open arms are for/You’re everything that’s fair
Chorus 3: guitar 2
In this life, you’re my only one/In this life, you’re my only one/In this
life, you’re my only one/In this life, you’re my only one
end on: guitar 1  (fade out)
|                                                                          |
|end on: guitar 2                                                          |

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

National Pride

Was just surfing thestar.com.my today for my daily feed of news, it's a lot more convenient than walking about a hundred metres from my block to get my university's complementary feed of The Star or New Straits Times newspapers.

Clicked on the general news section and something caught my eye. On that page, there was a featured photo of two old guys wearing bullet-proof vests. The caption said, "Proven product: Prof Md Dan showing his bullet-proof vest to Prof Ismail at UteM in Malacca."

Someone, like the average pessimistic Malaysian consumer would say, "Finally, they've learned how to make their own kevlar vests. How long was it since the first one was made? Typical Malaysian standard, always lagging seriously behind in science and technology."

Well, if you thought anything like that, I've got news for you. The bullet-proof vest is not made of kevlar which is contrast to the fact that most bullet-proof vests today are made from a combination of the two materials ceramic and kevlar. Another pessimistic Malaysian consumer goes, "See, they don't even know how to use kevlar."

Well, that's because it's made of fibreglass and our very own Malaysian coconut husks. Then you go once again, "What? Coconut husks?!?! I bet you if I shoot you from five metres with a 9mm bullet, it'll make a big whole right through your precious Malaysian bullet-proof vest."

Wrong again, a ballistic test performed by the national Defence Science and Technology Research Institute proved that the vest is capable of stopping 9mm calibre bullets at a 5 metre range. Not only that, this neat innovation of bullet-proof vests by Professor Dr Md Dan Md Palil won a gold at the 35th Geneva International Exhibitions of Inventions, New Techniques and Products.

The one eye catching intangible feature of this invention is that it is as durable as any other kevlar vests used by other police or military forces but it costs so much cheaper. The professor informed the Star that normal bullet-proof vests costs about RM16,000 and weighs 9kg, but his invention was only 3kg and cost RM2,000.

Well, that's a pretty good achievement for Malaysia don't you think? We're one step into competing with other universities on a global level.

Prof Md Dan showing his bullet-proof vest to the vice-chancellor of UTeM (Universiti Teknikal Melaka)

Monday, May 21, 2007

They're coming back

Well, it's the end of the English football season. We won the Premiership, and recently lost out on a tight battle in a good match with Chelsea FC in the F.A Cup Final. A number of injuries hampered good progress in Europe this season but they'll all be fit and ready for next season.

What I'm really looking forward too though, are our young players who are all coming back from loan next season and will be fighting for a first team place. Here are the players that've been loaned to top sides in and out of England for first team experience that will be coming back to Old Trafford next season.

Guiseppe Rossi (Loaned to Parma in Italy)

Gerard Pique (Loaned to Real Zaragoza in Spain)

Ben Foster (Loaned to Watford in England)

Phil Bardsley (Loaned to West Ham in England)

And we've got this guy, Chris Eagles to add, it'll be a good fight for chances next season.

Not to mention when Giggsy, Scholes and Neville retire, they'll have even more chances. They'll have to wait at least three years for that though. Guess they'll have a run in the Carling Cup next year, nonetheless.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

ChRisE & Eishigar Sessions

Edgar taking shots of the trees at the sports complex

After my test today, Edgar, a good friend of mine from Sabah invited me to join him to take a walk around UTP just for fun to do some photo taking. Both Edgar and I do share the hobby of taking photos. We hadn't met up in a while either, so it was a good excuse for both of us to meet up and do something we had in common.

Meet Edgar

We had lunch first, or rather he had lunch and I watched him have it. I had lunch earlier. We walked from the V4 block cafe all the way to the sports complex where we stopped by certain spots in between in an attempt to take some good tree photos. Nature photos are Edgar's speciality, it's his forte. Mine is nothing, I just take what I think looks good and just see what are the results.

There wasn't much at the sports complex except for this vehicle that I think is a grass cutting machine.

A grass cutting machine?

From there, we walked along the pathway of the field where I took some photos of a really tall post being shined upon by the bright sun's light. That's right below.

The post, lol.

From there, we went to the new lake where we got nothing much and then we headed over to USM cafe to get a drink before heading over to the new academic complex where we would go through the IRC and snap a few photos before going over to the park that sits right in the middle of the new academic complex. Well, here are some of the photos I took, hope you like them, feel free to comment on my poor photgraphy skills, hahahahaha! Be BRUTALLY honest, hahahahaha!

Encyclopedia Brittanica

The multi-level IRC (Information Resource Center = library)

The sun shining through the clouds at the new academic complex (photo taken at park)

This tree is leaning on one side (I don't get how it's not fallen yet)

A purplish coloured dragonfly??

Oh and there are some people back in KL wondering what my hair looks like now, since I haven't cut it for some time. So courtesy of myself, I have one photo for you to let you know how I look like now. It's right below.

Simply *humz

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Philip... Satisfied?

A philip chan tag -->

[Seven Things I'm Experiencing Now]
1. Tension (exams)
2. Blurness
3. Tiredness (sleeping late a lot lately)
4. Frustration (not able to do things the way I want to)
5. Remorse
6. Worry
7. life

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things I'm Thinking About Now]
1. People
2. IPSP (test tonight at 8.30)
3. Not doing this tag (this is really out of courtesy, but not next time)
4. Getting Seven Sweet Surrender ready with a pool of songs to practice next semester .
5. Jamming around with Khye Shin, and perhaps a bassist
6. Losing friends by just making one mistake
7. Should I go to sleep

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things I'm Worrying About]
1. Exams
2. What people think of me
3. My GPA
4. Will I be up to the challenge for studies during the next semester
5. My great great grandmother in

6. Losing closeness with friends
7. Making parents proud

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things I'm Happy About]
1. Close friends I have now
Christopher Eagles
Cristiano Ronaldo
John Mayer
5. Able to play several music instruments
6. Able to know many new friends this semester
7. Fried Ice Cream

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven People I Treasure/are important to me currently]
1. Mum & Dad (can’t put either one at number 2, they’re equal no?)
3. Ooi Khye Shin
Ng Wei Yang
5. Cuddles
6. Vern
7. Darryl (this young little kid that’s so enthusiastic every time I meet him)
à kind of makes me feel like he’s my younger brother

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things I Always Touch or Come In Contact With]
1. Books
2. Computer
3. Phone
4. My bed
5. Food
6. Music
7. Wallet

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things I Want to Improve]
1. Guitar skills
2. Drum skills
3. Learn how to dance (ballroom stuff is first choice, pop, hip-hop all second)
4. Being a good friend (I have no idea how to be one)
5. My lame skills
6. Programming skills and knowledge
7. Economics and investment knowledge and skills

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things I'm Strong In]
1. Being lame
2. Hanging around a shopping mall alone the whole day
3. Daydreaming of funny happenings, situations or events
4. Lazing around
5. Saying what I feel without fear of offending YOU
6. Going out to watch Manchester United at
2.45 a.m in the morning
7. Being irresponsible
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things I'm Weak In]
1. Guitar
2. Drums
3. Time management
4. Writing (I really wish I could write better, talking about content, not handwriting)
5. Working consistently
6. Resisting temptation
7. Making conversation (it really sucks)

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things I Adore Eating]

1.Roasted Pork (Siew Yoke)
2.Barbequed Pork (Char Siew)
3.Pork Ribs (with sweet sauce)
4.Fried egg tofu (with mayonnaise)
5.Fried Chicken
7.Ice Cream

(There’s a lot more, you can always ask me)

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things I Adore Drinking]

1. Iced tea (teh o’ ais)
2. Cold water
3. Pure Chocolate Ice Blended at Coffee Bean
4. Cold apple juice (Sunkist)
5. Cold Orange juice (Sunkist)
6. Any kind of hot/warm English like tea
7. Pepsi

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things I Detest]
1. My pride and ego
2. My inability to resist temptation
3. Players
4. Racists
5. Proud people
6. Waking up early in the morning
7. Having to sleep late for any reason

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things I Cannot Live Without]
1. God
2. Parents
3. Close friends
4. Music
Suzie Chuah’s cooking
Manchester United
7. Bed

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things I Fear to Show]
1. Big things I’ve done wrong in my life that are shameful
2. My body (hahahahah, it’s flabby aiight!!)
3. Bad habits
4. My pride

I can;t think of anything else right now
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things I'll Never Want to Talk About]
1. Nothing

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things I Will Want to Do]
1. Have a family
2. Touch and impact people’s lives
3. Go for a holiday with my parents
4. Tell a girl I love her from the bottom of my heart
5. Get a full drum set with K Custom Zildjian cymbals
6. Learn all of
John Mayer’s skills, singing and playing guitar
7. Achieve a competitive standing in Euphonious

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things I Will Never Play Around When/With]
1. My wife
2. My time alone with God
3. People’s feelings
4. Studies
5. Fragile objects
6. Food
7. Programming

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things I Wonder About]
1. What the other person across you is thinking
2. What you tell a girl when you want to start dating her
3. Why several of my friends are high achievers and I’m some idiot.
4. Why people get into conflict and then purposely do not want to make up,
thinking they’ve won and they’re better and everything will be fine
without the other party in his/her life when all you do is lose another friend for life?
5. How does it feel like to have the warm touch of the one you love.
6. When can I start seeing,
Guiseppe Rossi, Gerard Pique, Chris Eagles and
Ben Foster start for Manchester United at the same time.
7. Will I have achieved my life’s purpose before I die.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Questions I Hope My Friends Would Sincerely Respond To]
1. Have I impacted or touched your life in the way that you want me to?
2. What is it about me that makes you want to hang out with me?
3. What do you hate most about me?
4. Do I always talk with some kind of accent?
5. Do you think I got into UTP because of my status as a Bumiputera?
6. How would I serve you better as a friend?
7. What do you expect out of me?

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven Things (or People) I Would Love to See]
1. My close friends doing what they love most.
2. Cute little babies
3. Switchfoot live in concert
John Mayer live in concert
5. People’s lives totally changed and transformed for the better
6. A girl who loves me
7. Someone who realises that
George Bush isn’t evil.
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

[Seven People I Wanna Tag]

No one, not going to burden anyone, just doing it out of courtesy for Philip, lol. Of course, if you’re into tags like these, feel free to do it.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mothers Day..... whatever.... it's the real stuff that counts

Mother's day, didn't see it coming, I never cared about it, never thought about it until people started telling me they were going back to see their mothers for that special day. At the back of my mind, I'm like, "Really? You're going back?" After thinking a bit, it doesn't seem that hard since the places they went were less than a three hour drive from UTP. Still, it takes quite an effort to go back and do something for your mother.

Mother's day, to be honest, I don't really care about it. Cruel? Indeed it is, very cruel indeed. The fact is though, it's not just mother's day I don't give a hoot about. I don't remember plenty of special days, valentines, halloween, my parents aniversary and whatever special date there is to remember. It's because I tell myself, "So what?"

I think compared to a lot of other people, I really don't care so much for Mother's day. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate my mother but I don't know, it's not so appealing to me for whatever reason. If you know what it is, do tell, because I'd like to know it too. I mean, yeah, you give presents, you say your nice words, write on a card you made or supposedly made yourself but you had some girl do it for you. What's the end result at the end of the day? Does anything special happen that inflicts change? It seems like a ritual, to make her feel happy for a day and do it again just in time, year after year.

Then you come and tell me, dude, it's mother's day, I mean just take the time to appreciate her. Tell her you love her and don't be such a jerk and pretend your mother means nothing and isn't special because she is. Hey my mother knows exactly how much I value her and she doesn't need a day to remind her. She knows where I stand on all these.

One thing though, when you say mother's day, you always wish HAPPY mother's day right? Since all this talk about mother's day went on, it served me as a reminder to think about what would make my mother happy, joyful. Mother's get really happy when they're proud of their children. Unfortunately, there's not much to be proud about this son.

On the side, there were some things I've done lately that I'm not so proud of and I felt my actions let down myself, what I stand for, and my parents. I won't tell you what it was, it's just between my mother and I. I knew that I was going to call her on mother's day morning (as a formality, but also to talk to her, mother and I are close) and I knew I had to tell her this thing I did because it would only be right for me. The fact that what I would say would be the total opposite of what a mother would want to hear wasn't great at all but I didn't dwell much on that.

I thought about telling her another time, maybe a few days after mother's day. I wasn't sure what I'd do so I just decided to say whatever I felt like saying at the time. So I called her, wished her happy mother's day, didn't say any of those touching phrases because I could sense both sides weren't in the mood for it somehow, and so we talked about a lot of other things before I came to a point where I just said, "Mum, there's something I need to tell you."

From then on, I anticipated a serious end to the phone call, not one that would end on a happier note; and so she listened, to what I said and she gave some monotonous responses. She said what I expected her to say and then she said something else. She understood what I had done wrong and the situation I was in when I did it. And then, she told me, "Son, I'm very proud of you because I know that it's hard to tell me what you just did."

That turned things around a bit, and she shared how'd she gone through something similar lately. She understood, and she was all out in sharing, advising but not condemning me or imposing strict warnings that just make you feel worse. The phone call became something a little special for me because at the end of everything, she was happy that her son was more than willing to share his faults that were quite, humbling, humiliating to an extent and hard to admit. It was then she knew how much value she holds in my life and that I trust and love her more than the majority around. She said I made her proud by coming clean with the truth, I just was happy that she could be happy for once because she could be proud of what her son did. It wasn't the best example of how to make your mother proud, neither was it in the best circumstances either but you don't need a hollywood like mother's day approach to make your mother happy.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Okay, okay!!!!!!!!

I know it's the third time I'm blogging today, but I just have to do this. I just checked my hotmail, got a message from a good friend of mine, Christopher Wee, who's only a year older than me, and look at what he sent me. (Click to enlarge)

He's performing with a band finally!! He's just good la, he's finally reached that stage where he's performing outside. He's a really talented bassist, with a wide range of music influences. He's the guy in the top picture (Soundaz band) on the top right, cute feller, hahahaha! I'm so proud of him man, and he's already won the BrandStorm competition and he'll be competing at international level in Paris!!! This guy is just awesome, God's really blessing this guy good, haha! This guy really has the creative brains man, excellent in music and design stuff, not to mention a good business mind. His brother Sam Wee, also won that HSBC's Young Entrepreneurs Award, was on the cover of a local education magazine too.

And he'll be playing on the same stage as JOHN THOMAS!!!! For the uninformed, John Thomas is one of the best drummers in Malaysia, arguably the best. I so want to be there this weekend but I can't!!! Someone record it for me please!!!!

I got a call.........

from Chee Hong!! He's the guy I met about a month back, when he came down for his Petronas scholarship interview. It was quite a surprise, to be honest, I'd forgotten all about him until he called me just about 30 minutes ago.

He very happily told me he got the scholarship from Petronas, and all the friends he knew that came for the interview didn't get in, so it's a really big deal for him, and for me too, since I know him, haha! Really happy for that guy, it's kind of turned may day around, even though it's almost over, haha! The mood here is quite different from the last post, hehehe.

Congrats dude!!! Will see you around UTP pretty soon.

Feeling *Humzed

I am getting seriously annoyed by the number of times we have had sudden electricity cuts in my university over the past month. We even had TWO today!! Man, it's really getting on my nerves. It really makes me wonder what on earth is the management doing??? If it's maintenance, they've really chosen a SERIOUSLY POOR TIME to do it. Why can't they do it in June when all the students are gone??? Instead, they have to do it when EVERYBODY is still around.

Anyway, talked to a couple of friends when they had dinner, seems everybody's feeling pretty much dull and down lately because there's always tests to prepare for and assignments to do which just eats away at their time. The time was good though, had a light lame session with them when the electricity was cut. It took us a little out of our dull mood for a while and Javier produced one of the most brilliant lame moments of the night, one moment of magic and I couldn't help but clap my hands in admiration of this young jedi knight. He has what it takes to go all the way. Seok Yee's coming along too, she had one moment too, wasn't bad at all.

Putting that aside, there's almost no time to do anything enjoyable enough to lift our dull spirits. People are just so busy, and sometimes, it's busy with work that is not even worthwhile, I have to say that as fun as English drama may be, we could seriously do without it and we could also do without Thinking Skills projects which my friends are doing and so forth. Even without that, everyone's just so packed with stuff to do, I thought I was going to go for sports with a friend twice in two days, twice the person couldn't make it. It's a tad bit frustrating but you just let go knowing that people just have stuff to do.

Do I sound like I'm not busy and everyone else is? Totally not, let me assure you I have a lot of things to do too, just that I'm trying to set time aside for my friends, not my computer games mind you. I'd rather much be with them than an electronically stimulated screen.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Weekend

Well, this weekend I got to get out of UTP again, a few of us, Vern, Eddy, Tek Keong, Tek Keong's girlfriend and myself headed over to Ipoh later in the evening for music practice at church for the Sunday service. I noticed it's actually been quite a while since Vern, Eddy and myself have actually played together in a VERY VERY long time, haha! We've been switching places with the new people who have come in recently under our rotation system. It was nice to have the three of us together again, had that cozy feeling, hehe. We just stuck together.

We quickly set up, listened to some of the songs and practiced them, and to my genuine surprise and delight, we managed to play them better than I expected, haha! I mean, we didn't have to make many changes, it was much smoother than the last practice I had, just too many changes had to be made the last time around. I have to say, Eddy's drumming has improved, he's definitely up a notch compared to the last time I saw him play. Kudos to him, within two years, he'll definitely be quite a good drummer. Take into consideration he hardly gets to play on an actual drum set, as opposed to people like myself who used to go to church every weekend to play on the drums. I miss drums.... *Humz.... (actually I miss the crash and china cymbals back home, hahaha! Not to mention the newly tuned snare drum)

Anyway, practice finished pretty early, around 10.45!!! YESSS!! I believe that's a new record for us. We started at about eight o'clock, that would be considered an average practice time for the NSt team back home but hey, we're not seasoned band musicians and the product was good too.

After that, we went out for our dipper (supper + dinner = dipper). We were told that the place we were going to was not so far, so we happily awaited a five to ten minute drive to a place that would heal our hunger pains. Low and behold, we ended up driving to the middle of somewhere (not nowhere since we didn't drive into a jungle or something) which was pretty far, and I was like... man.... FASTER!!!

Eventually we ended up in this area, Bercham, where Jamie Neoh (Simplyian!!) currently stays and where DUMC is. Had some sizzling noodles that Ngeok Meng paid for. I was like "No! No! At least let me pay for mine. Cannot la, no, no, let me pay for mine." She'd already bought quite a number of things for us to eat so that 'guilty' feeling came in. I'd already took out my money but the lady didn't have change so Ngeok Meng conveniently paid for me. Must get her something next time, lol.

Anyway, I had fried ice cream for the first time, hahahahaha! Oh my gosh, it is one of God's most WONDERFUL creations, besides Suzie Chuah's (my only hot and spicy mother, I can only write it because I'll never be able to say it without choking) cooking. It's this frozen ice-cream that's been stuffed inside a pastry shaped object made of bread, apparently out of many tiny crumbs that's been compressed together (am I right?) that's fried for less than 30 seconds in really hot oil.

That fried ice-cream really gives the meaning of oxymoron. It's fried in hot oil, yet it's COLD!!!! That thing is like heaven man, I'm telling you. This is second on my desert list after Tiramisu made by aunty Tien Hooi. It is just SOOOOO NICEEEE, I really want more of that. MUM, you get the hint??? Your FAVOURITE SON is hinting, hahahahahahha! +) You can thank Vern for getting you into your kitchen's experimental lab, wahahahhahaha!

Anyway, went back after that, jammed around for a while. I got to teach Vern how to play Daughters sung by the most sexy talented acoustic guitarist in the world by the name of John Mayer. It was nice to teach, or show her rather how to play the song, don't know why, it always feels good when I do that, just sharing stuff.

Eddy, Vern and I went on to watch the musical CATS. It was my first time and wow, it's quite impressive. The way they dance, sing, it's just nice to watch. It's quite relaxing, I think that's what made Eddy sleep a little early, hahahah. It's just cool, ahha, my tiny vocabulary stockpile hasn't the right words to describe it, haha. Looking forward to finish watching it sometime.

Randomly speaking, I miss......... playing drums in SIB, Cuddles, Weng Onn (and his lameness), Yee San, soya beaning, *humzing, Suzie Chuah, Simon Emang, Kenaina Adan, Yap, Edmund, Felicia, Esther, Khye Shin, strolls in the park and those tennis nights.

As I said, totally random, haha.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Just having that sense of tension these past few days, not sure why. Maybe it's the upcoming tests and all. I don't feel so easy lately, but I can't pinpoint the reason. Scared of lab 20, think it's the hardest one we've done yet, another Friday to worry about.

Waiting for receive the guitar strings dad bought for me that mum sent down a few days ago. The strings on my guitar have finally worn out after over a year, the good expensive strings, haha! Had the first and second string s break already. It's just a matter of time before the others come undone as well, so changing my strings now seems a good idea.

Been hanging out a lot with the juniors lately, for dinner and such. They seem pretty relaxed for a bunch of busy people, haha! They always spend over an hour for dinner and at extremely far places from their respective hostels. Got to go out with Edgar one night, that was good, to catch up again, haven't done that since last year I think.

And I'm falling more and more in love with John Mayer, his acoustic guitar skills are just, undescribable. The way he switches his 'hard-to-hold' chrods so fast and smooth is just amazing, especially for his live performance of No Such Thing with the band and 3x5 solo acoustic performance on the Carson Daily show. For UTPians, the 3x5 solo acoustic performance on the Carson Daily show is available on DC++.

As for Manchester United losing to AC Milan 3-0, I have to really say United were just shut down by Milan from the start. All credit to AC Milan, they played a very superb game, even without Maldini, having Gattuso, Kaka and Seedorf holding the team together did it for them. United were brilliantly outplayed, you won't see too many teams doing that to United.

But anyway, looking forward to hang out, just spend some time with people I haven't talked to for more than five minutes after tests, kind of feel I've neglected them, lol..... but we're all busy anyhow.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Little More Serious

Was just going through one of my friend's blogs recently, a pretty old post, and while going through it, this short paragraph caught my attention:

For those who lost their loved ones, for those whose hearts have perished along with the towers, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Not all is lost, for what we gain is strength amidst the fog and rubbles. You made it. And it was for a reason.

As you might guess, this refers to something that happened six years ago, more accurately, on September 11, 2001. Two large passenger aircraft had crashed into the two World Trade Center's of New York that caught fire and under immense heat, caused the steel structure holding the two towers to bend and eventually bring it to its collapse.

Not everyone who could have died in this horrific phenomenon died, not everyone below the streets under the two towers were victimised and lived to tell their part of the story. I believe that every life is precious and you realise it more when your own acquaintances pass away or come close to death. It's a time when you know that people actually matter to you more than you think.

From there, I come back to a reality where conflicts among people happen ever so often for whatever reason. I have been fortunate enough not to involve myself in such incidents, as of late, others may not be so fortunate. Nonetheless, I’ve had my share of that. I’ve had people who’ve hated me, really hated me bad. I’m not sure what I did to get them against me, in International School Ho Chi Minh City, one person in particularly really hated me, always put me down and it just hurt real bad. When I came back from Vietnam to KL, Malaysia, I just had to put up with another similar person who’d just moved in from Penang to KL. I went through a torrid time, particularly in form 1 and 2, before he finally left for another school.

I really hated these people. In the back of my mind, I was also scared of these people and I was just sad I had to put up with this abuse. I’d cried before as a young kid because of them. However, I left this behind me once I’d reached form three in high school. I’d reflected back then and even as I do the same now, I feel a sense of peace because I’ve forgiven both of them, that if I ever meet them again, from my side, I wouldn’t have a particular agro towards them. I can only hope that they would do the same for me if I wronged them in any way.

These two people made it through life, through whatever adversities that they had and I never knew about. Although I know nothing about them now, I’m pretty sure they’re still alive in some part of the world just living their lives and trying to make the best out of life as they see fit. Even as I hated them, their lives were, and still are very much precious and are there for a reason. I believe they’re still alive with a great reason and purpose to fulfill just like the rest of us, and I sincerely hope they’ll do just that.

Every human life has a reason and a purpose, even those that you hate, despise and detest. It's just a matter of whether you can find it or not. That's one thing everyone strives to do.

Christopher Eagles

Chris Eagles in action against Everton where he scored his first premiership goal.

In Manchester United's last English Premier League match against Everton, we saw a side that went down 2-0 at halftime to bounce back and make it 4-2 at the sound of the final whistle. The fourth goal that Manchester United scored was courtesy of a 21 year old Christopher Eagles.

Christopher Eagles is a right sided attacking midfielder or a winger that is a product of the Manchester United Football Academy. Chris Eagles has been at the Manchester United academy since the age of 13 and has his football career firmly rooted with Manchester United. He is undoubtedly one of Manchester United's young and upcoming talents.

Chris Eagles in training

Last year, this young player was loaned out to teams such as Watford and then to Sheffield United, before going to NEC Nijmegen. After that he came back to Manchester United as part of the first team, fighting fo get a place on the bench. He did play in a friendly between Manchester United and the European XI a few months back. His debut for Manchester United this season against Everton was because of a knock that injured Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the 80th minute and he came on and made a difference.

Well done to Chris Eagles, hope to see you in contention for the first team starting lineup in this decade.

If what I predict is true, Chris Eagles will be playing alongside other youngsters such as Kieran Richardson, Guiseppe Rossi, Gerard Pique, Phil Bardsley, Ronaldo, Rooney and Fletcher in the long run. I'm waiting for these new generation of players to come in after people like Scholes, Giggs and Neville retire.

Note: Pictures taken from www.manutd.com except the last one, can't remember where I got it from.